10 Russian missiles forced British warships to leave the Black Sea

The Russian Navy successfully intercepted NATO warships and aircraft when the aforementioned vehicles tried to spy on their drills.

Russian media reported that the Admiral Grigorovich frigate of the Russian navy fired at least 10 missiles in the Black Sea to conduct exercises, at the area where the British patrol ship HMS Trent is located.

A few hours later, the British warship was forced to leave the Black Sea, although the media had previously suggested that the ship would be here for a few more days to watch the exercise, which involved many ships of the Navy’s Black Sea Fleet Russia.

Admiral Grigorovich Missile Frigate Rejoins Russia's Task Force in the Med  - Sputnik International

Currently, the Russian Ministry of Defense has announced that the Admiral Grigorovich frigate used the Shtil-1 air defense missile to repel attack bullets launched from the Bal and Utes coastal missile systems.

Although the Russian Navy exercise itself was planned in advance, it is clear that the missile launch forced the British military commanders to reconsider their plans for continued presence in the Black Sea.

It should be further noted, although the 9M317M missile of the Shtil-1 system is an anti-aircraft projectile with a range of 50 km, it can still hit warships from a distance of over 25 km, its warhead explodes enough to give heavy damage to the target.

In the coming days, at least three more NATO warships will enter the Black Sea, analysts predict that Russia is preparing a scenario to “welcome” the above combat group.

Given the fact that such actions by NATO create tension along the Russian border, Moscow will be ready to act against the group of warships using electronic means of suppression, the ships of the Black Sea Fleet, and maybe even fighter planes.

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