12 Para SF operatives Vs 2000 Anti Indian Kashmiri people

Its was a high time in Kashmir, the phase of curfews and bands were at peaks still the kashmiris were creating chaos and trying to bring down the security arrangements which is was quite tough that time, you can find policemen, CRPF people or army personnel at every square or at any place.

Kashmir is strange is place there will be absolute silence at the place you are standing and enjoying your cigarette and in fraction of minutes mob of 100 people can be running behind you to either kill you or snatch your weapon now you are properly welcomed in Kashmir.

Para SF operative in Kashmir during an encounter

Mob of around 2000 people were protesting somewhere in Kashmir, its normal for everyone there you can sit and sip tea with a SF operative without knowing that he is SF obviously *wink but this time the situation is quite tense because these 2000 people are protesting and chanting anti-Indian slogans by surrounding a car who is shipping a brigadier with SP of that area, an emergency message broadcasted Zulu Alpha Zulu Alpha this is Nemo Marcus, we need assistance yaha karib 2 hazaar log hai humari gadi ko gher rakha hai hum jyada der tak hold nahi kar paenge, need immediate help ( around 2 thousands people here surrounded us we cant hold for too long need immediate assistance) one of the RR camp near to them got the message and after CO decision the reply was Madad aa rhi hai 15 minute (Help is on the way,will be there in 15 minutes) CO knew that he has 12 special forces operative in his came that time that’s why he was very confident and replied very quick, CO called the operatives which was mixed team of 10 para sf operatives and 2 special group operatives, he briefed them and SF leave to some lives as always.


When they reached the site the condition was horrible, the crowd was going crazy and anything can make the situation more intense, the team was led by a maverick officer of Major rank, he looked at the crowed cause the crowd felt silent after seeing them and that’s the clever thing about Kashmiri’s they know who is Special Forces and these guys were in black T-shirts, green track pants and sneakers Kashmiri’s understood that the badass dudes joined the party, the infantry unit started moving backwards and the hopeful eyes of their captain speaks the volume about how the position of SF in the eyes of infantry.

You won’t believe what happens next, these 12 men swung their Tavors, M4’s and blah blah and kept their mouth towards sky and bam bam bam bam bam…………. they emptied their magzines, in next 10 minutes there were only those local left there who had their houses in that area and the package was delivered fit and fine.

Note : This is a true incident, there are some changes in the story to protect some identities.


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