Russian MiG Corporation offers to India its latest technology

MiG Corporation has offered India its new MiG-35 fighter. I bring to your attention an excerpt from an article by Financial Express on this topic. The MiG-35 fighter is a new aviation complex with all modern technologies allowing to carry it to the fifth generation fighter. It shows better combat effectiveness than its competitors. It has a greater … Read more

India’s nuclear arsenal continues to grow, and this is bad news for Pakistan and China

Our country is the most populous democratic country in the world, has a unique strategic position, but is surrounded by terrorist country like Pakistan & communist & war mongoring country like China . As a result, its population of 1.3 billion is guarded by a nuclear arsenal of about a hundred warheads deployed on land, … Read more

After Defeated By Indian Army In Hand Combat China recruits MMA fighters

Mixed martial arts exponents to form Plateau Resistance Tibetan Mastiffs squad to help train troops in hand-to-hand combat Announcement comes after deadly skirmish in Galwan valeey between Indian and Chinese soldiers China has enlisted a squad of mixed martial arts fighters into its border militia ranks, according to state media. The 20 MMA fighters were … Read more

China media report on the loss of J-20 stealth characteristics

As you know, the J-20 is by far the best fighter in China, which has stealth technology and belongs to the fifth generation fighter. All this time, his trump card was stealth, but there was a problem when the Chinese military department decided to try to do tests for visibility with external fuel tanks. The results were disappointing, but the … Read more

Government Bans 59 Chinese mobile apps Including Tiktok

Government Bans 59 mobile apps which are prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, defence of India, security of state and public order. The Ministry of Information Technology, invoking it’s power under section 69A of thei Information Technology Act read with the relevant provisions Technology (Procedure and Safeguards for Blocking of Access of Information by Public) … Read more

Major differences between the Su-57 from the Chinese J-20

Journalists of the American edition of The National Interest published an article on the comparison of the Russian fifth-generation fighter Su-57 and the Chinese fourth-generation aircraft Chengdu J-20. As the Su-57 goes into mass production in much larger quantities than previously expected, Moscow is making efforts to transfer the fifth generation fighter to major arms … Read more

India has deployed additional air defense systems on the border with China

Additional air defense equipment was deployed along the actual border with China in eastern Ladakh (union territory of India) by the Indian armed forces, Asian News International news agency reported June 27, citing sources in the country’s government. To the border with China, anti-aircraft missile systems of Indian production Akash were deployed. It is reported … Read more

How the submarines avoid the effects of a strong storm?

During a raging storm, at a relatively shallow depth, each passing wave will be clearly felt on board the submarine. Under such circumstances, a particularly large wave, absolutely suddenly, without any warning, can pull a huge multi-ton vessel to the surface . The consequences may not be limited to the loss of control over the situation, possible damage, … Read more