How Phalcon AWACS will boost the Indian military’s capabilities

he Narendra Modi government is all set to clear the acquisition of two PHALCON airborne warning and control systems (AWACS) next week.The matter is before the Cabinet Committee on Security. The last time, the CCS had sent the proposal to National Security Advisor, Ajit Doval and sought some clarification. The proposal was cleared earlier by … Read more

Rafale vs Gripen vs Eurofighter Typhoon : Which One Is Better (Part-3)

Welcome to part 3 of Rafale vs Gripen vs Eurofighter Typhoon .The most “main caliber” of all three aircraft is cruise missiles (KR). Rafal and EF-2000 use the British-French KR Storm Shadow/SCALP EG (British/French designation), Eurofighter and Gripen can use the Swedish-German CD KEPD-150/350 TAURUS (the Swedish Air Force has not been supplied as of … Read more

India interested in producing submarines with Russia

In August 2020, India announced a large-scale seven-year ban on the import of foreign weapons and military equipment: it will include 101 weapons of various categories. According to New Delhi, this will be a “big step towards self-sufficiency in defense production.” Meanwhile, by the end of 2019, the volume of Indian-Russian military-technical cooperation exceeded $15 … Read more

Pakistan’s enemy number one is Israel now. India can wait

Prompted by last week’s historic deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates to normalise relations, it is that time of the year again when a discussion in Pakistan begins, rather discretely: Do we accept Israel, or not? And like all the other times, this too shall pass, or not. Indian Airforce deployed Tejas aircraft … Read more

Pakistan Minister Threatens India With Nuclear War, Says it Won’t Harm Muslims

In his trademark braggart style, Pakistan Federal Minister Sheikh Rashid has threatened India with nuclear war once again, saying the weapons will be such that they will save the Muslims during the attack. In an interview with Pakistani media channel Samaa TV on Wednesday, Rashid claimed that Pakistan has very precise weapons which are “small … Read more

What are the advantages of Hypersonic weapons?

Hypersonic weapons are the current high-tech field of fierce competition, in this game Russia and other countries have been in the lead, starting early but lazy The United States was left behind, and now the United States is desperately chasing. As it turns out, hypersonic weapons are definitely not a gimmick advocated by Russia, but … Read more

Indian Airforce deployed Tejas aircraft in Kashmir against Pakistan Jf-17

LCA “Glorious” fighter has finally welcomed the first real-life deployment of its service. The Indian Air Force’s 45th Flying Knife squadron of LCA fighters has been deployed to the western front airbase near the border with India and Pakistan. This is the first real-life deployment of the LCA Shining fighter in service. Sources declined to … Read more