How Tonbo Imaging is redefining Indian army night fighting capabilities

Tonbo Imaging had its humble origins in 2008 after it was formed by Arvind Lakshmikumar who is an alumnus of BITS and Carnegie Mellon University. Tonbo Imaging provides a complete lineup of products which can address critical woes of Indian Armed Forces, Central Armed Police Forces and other forces when it comes to possessing Top-Tier … Read more

How Indian startup is helping the army keep the borders safe from Chinese incursions

Tonbo Imaging, based in Bengaluru, develops surveillance systems to help soldiers defend against enemy incursions and airforce carry out covert reconnaissance missions. A surveillance system developed by a little-known Bengaluru-based startup has come in handy for the Indian armed forces — that have traditionally used foreign-made weapons — to keep a check on intrusions by … Read more

DRDO Successfully Test Fires Extended Range BrahMos Supersonic Cruise Missile With Range Of Over 400 KM

India on Wednesday (30 September) successfully test-fired extended range BrahMos supersonic cruise missile which is capable of hitting targets situated over 400 kilometres away. The test was carried out under the PJ-10 program of DRDO and involved the usage of a booster which has been Made-In-India. Under this extended range program, DRDO is ready with … Read more

How the Indian Air Force is using familiarization exercises to spook Chinese military

Message to the adversary At a ceremony in Ambala on September 10 where five Rafale jets were inducted into the IAF, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said the induction of the fleet was crucial considering the atmosphere being created along the frontier and that it is a “big and stern” message to those eyeing India’s sovereignty. … Read more

Surgical Strike Day: How Indian Army avenged deaths of 19 soldiers in Uri attack

Exactly four years ago on September 28, 2016; the Indian Army conducted its first surgical strike across the Line of Control (LoC) in retaliation to the Uri attack, in which 19 army soldiers lost their lives. Recalling the strike, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “Four years ago, around this time, the world witnessed the courage, … Read more

Chinese New II-150Y Stealth Target Drone

The new UAV is designed to simulate the flight of fighters and ballistic missiles. During the 6th Beijing Military Technology and Equipment Exhibition, the Nanjing Research Institute for Simulation Technologies presented new UAVs. One of the new products is the II-150Y stealth unmanned aerial vehicle. The new model was the development of the II-150 jet … Read more

Su-57 Fighter New unique ‘Himalayas’ Electronic Warfare complex

The first squadron of Su-57 next generation heavyweight fighters is set to enter service in the Russian Air Force by the end of 2020, after the fighters were put into mass production in July 2019 with 76 ordered. According to sources Problems with the launch into mass production of Russian fifth-generation SU-57 fighters are gradually being … Read more


In its biggest military logistics operation in decades, the Indian Army has rushed tanks, heavy weaponry, ammunition, fuel, food and essential winter supplies to high-altitude areas in eastern Ladakh to maintain its combat readiness through the treacherous winter of around four months, military sources said on Sunday. They said Chief of Army Staff Gen MM … Read more

After Ladakh, Why Gilgit-Baltistan Could Be Next Big Flash Point Between India And China?

In a bid to gain further control on the disputed Gilgit-Baltistan region, Islamabad has decided to upgrade its status as the fifth province of Pakistan. Experts believe that the move is made on the behest of China and could dramatically escalate India-Pakistan tensions and could even lead to ‘two-front’ war against Pakistan and China.   Confirming … Read more