What Airborne Early Warning Aircraft China Use ?

Airborne early warning and control system are the most effective means of controlling airspace, timely detection, escort, and identification of air and surface targets, targeting them with tactical aviation, collecting and transmitting information about the situation to ground air, and ship control points. Shaanxi KJ-200 In 2000, the Shaanxi KJ-200 (Kong Jing-200) aircraft was launched … Read more

China is not our friend: the United States and India rallied against China

US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo and Pentagon Chief Mark Esper met with their Indian counterparts in New Delhi. Following the talks, the parties announced the signing of an agreement on the exchange and development of cooperation in the field of defense. The treaty, in particular, allows India to access navigation data by improving the accuracy of … Read more

HAL, Tech Mahindra ink Rs 400 crore contract

Defence PSU Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) on Thursday said it signed a Rs 400-crore contract with Tech Mahindra (TM) for implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to support HAL’s ‘Project Parivartan’. HAL CMD R Madhavan said ‘Project Parivartan’ is a comprehensive business transformation exercise initiated by HAL through technology enhancement and centralized ERP. “The exercise will enable HAL to … Read more

Rafale vs Rafale: Why Indian Rafale Jets Is Better Than Others

At a time when the Indian Air Force (IAF) was contemplating on modernising its somewhat, deserted aerial squadrons of modern fighters jets amid increasing threats from Iron “Brothers” Pakistan and China, it appeared that French President Emmanuel Macron held the key to fulfilling that potential. With the billion-dollar deal to acquire potential new fighters under … Read more

How Indian Air Force Can Use Its Transport Aircraft IL-76 For Carpet Bombing

The Ilyushin IL-76 is a medium-range, multi-purpose, military transport aircraft but the latest video from the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation shows that they are more than just the back-end operators. The video shows practical bombing and firing from aerial cannons at ground targets carried out by the IL-76 crews in the Tver … Read more

Indian Navy eyeing a third aircraft carrier

The United States Navy currently operates eleven nuclear-powered aircraft carriers. No other nation in the world operates more than two aircraft carriers at the present time and apart from the French Marine Nationale’s flagship Charles de Gaulle, none of them are nuclear-powered. However, as China now is building two additional aircraft carriers there are warnings that this … Read more