BSF to be equipped with new weapons to counter drones

INDIA’S border guarding force BSF will soon be equipped with a latest technology to counter rogue drones being used to smuggle arms and drugs in the western sector of the country by Pakistan-based suspected group of smugglers and militants to destabilise the law and order situation in the country. Findings regarding “counter drone solutions” are … Read more

Why hypersonic weapons are more dangerous than ICBM?

Germany’s Die Welt newspaper calls the era of hypersonic weapons a nightmare for European security. The newspaper said that its speed makes its opponents unable to turn around and this will signal a “new spiral of threats”. The author of the article reminds of the training in the launch of a Russian submarine missile in the … Read more

Dealing with the dragon: How India has fared so far against China and the challenge ahead

As India enters 2021, after perhaps the most testing year in recent history, it does so with a qualitatively new China challenge. The border aggression, troop build-up that continues through the brutal winters of Ladakh and clear signs of Sino-Pakistani collusion on the eastern and western fronts mean that India has little choice but to … Read more

Xian H-20 stealth bomber of China: All you need to know

Currently, the Chinese Xi’an Aircraft Industrial Corporation is developing a promising strategic bomber-missile carrier H-20. With its help, in the future, a radical modernization of long-distance aviation PLA Air Force. Chinese aircraft manufacturers are in no hurry to reveal their secrets, but foreign experts are still trying to determine the appearance and capabilities of the future … Read more

This Asian country buy anti-ship missiles from Ukraine

The signing of the agreement means Indonesia becomes the first foreign customer to buy an anti-ship system developed by Ukraine. The MoU was signed after prolonged negotiations between Ukraine and Indonesia, in which Ukrainian experts convinced the Indonesians the advantage of some Ukrainian weapons. The expert noted that the current financial situation of Ukraine makes … Read more

What are the Similarities And Differences Between F-22, Su-57 and J-20?

Only three types of 5th generation heavy fighters aircraft have been created and put into production to date. The American F-22A, the Russian Su-57 and the Chinese J-20 are at various production and operation stages. Despite belonging to the same generation and class, these machines differ markedly from each other. Their developers fulfilled different requirements … Read more

Why does India buy most of its weapons from Russia, not the United States?

Since the 1960s, India has purchased most of its weapons from USSR or Russia, and weapons systems such as the Mi-4 helicopter, the T-55 tank and the R-2 anti-ship missile have played a crucial role in India’s military conflicts. As alliances changed in the post-Cold War era, USA actively courted India as part of efforts … Read more