S-500 Prometey is capable of hitting targets at an altitude of 200 kilometers

Neither ballistic missiles nor space satellites can hide from the Russian S-500 Triumfator air defense system.

Russia has thoroughly prepared for the start of confrontation with potential adversaries and the use of space weapons by the latter, having incorporated in the newest S-500 Triumfator (Prometheus) air defense system the capabilities that allow interception of intercontinental ballistic missiles at their peak flight points, as well as to destroy space satellites and devices that pose a threat to one degree or another – the maximum range in altitude for hitting targets at the Triumphor is 200 kilometers.

According to the American publication “The National Interest”, today Russia is the most prepared country to repel global strikes, while the emerging US space forces are forced to come up with new tactics to counter Russia, in 2021 Russia may receive the first set of C- 500.

The Russian air defense system is considered one of the most far-sighted and long-range systems in the world, in particular, with an effective target detection range of up to 800 kilometers, it is capable of striking them at distances of up to 600 kilometers, and a powerful radar allows detecting stealth targets at distances about 400 kilometers.

The S-500 “Prometheus” (Russian name 55R6M Triumfator-M) is the latest generation of Russian-made surface-to-air defense missile system, currently under development by the Russian Defense Company Almaz-Antey company. According to Russian sources, the S-500 is an advanced version of S-400 with dedicated components designed to intercept ballistic missiles at a height of up to 200 km. The S-500 is designed for intercepting intercontinental ballistic missiles and for air defense against Airborne Early Warning and Control and jamming aircraft. The first development of the S-500 was started in 2009 with the first prototype completed in 2012.

The S-500 Prometheus uses two new types of missile the 77N6-N and 77N6-N1, the first Russian missiles with inert warheads, which can destroy nuclear warheads by force of impact, i.e., by hitting them with precision at great speed. No explosives are needed: Russian engineers’ estimates show that a collision at a speed of 7km/s would be sure to destroy just about any flying object. The S-500 is also able to launch extended-range missile 40N6M and existing missile used by the S-400.

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