5 features of Israel’s Merkava main tank that make it unique

In the 1970s, Israel’s military leadership began to consider the creation of its own main tank in the country. So there was the project “Merkava”, which was destined to give the world one of the most specific tanks. Serial production of the new weapon began in the mid-1980s. The tank was extremely successful. Having under … Read more

IAF’s Suryakirans, Sarang and Tejas to take part in SL Air Force’s 70th anniversary celebrations

Suryakirans, Sarang and Light Combat Aircraft Tejas will participate in an air show in Colombo from March 3 to 5 as part of the 70th anniversary celebrations of the Sri Lankan Air Force, the Indian Air Force said on Saturday. The IAF’s aerobatic display teams, the fixed wing ‘Suryakirans’ and rotary wing ‘Sarang’, along with … Read more

Dragunov: The world’s most popular sniper rifle

Perhaps the most talked about sniper rifle in the post-Soviet space is the Dragunov sniper rifle. Some absolutely fantastic stories are constantly gathering around this weapon, while there are also those who say that this weapon has long been outdated and has no place in the modern army. Those who are personally familiar with this rifle, … Read more

Aero India 2021: Indian made small arms

Ordnance Factory Board displayed a wide range of Small Arms Weaponry during the Aero India-2021, a biennial air show and aviation exhibition. The 13th Edition of Aero India was kick-started at Air Force Station Yelahanka in Bengaluru on Wednesday amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Apart from the influx of aerospace and defence companies across the world, … Read more

Why Pakistan is Buying JF-17 Block 3 Instead Of J-10C?

On 30 December 2020, Pakistan Aeronautical Complex celebrated the completion of dual-seat JF-17 aircraft for PAF and formally launched the production work of Block-III JF-17 aircraft in a ceremony held at Kamra. JF-17 Block-III is the most advanced JF-17 variant with improved technology and will enable PAF to maintain credible deterrence under the evolving geopolitical environment. But still JF-17 … Read more

Why are Russian fighters’ engines spaced apart, while American ones are close to each other?

Surely many paid attention to the fact that the engines on Russian fighters are spaced apart, but in American fighter aircraft, they are most often installed close to each other. Let’s deal with this issue in more detail. I note right away that spaced variants are also encountered on American fighters, for example, on the … Read more

The new Russian aircraft carrier will carry the Su-57 and Okhotnik

The Russian aircraft carrier Varan is likely to be equipped with the Su-57 stealth fighter and the S-70 Okhotnik attack drone. The latest development product of JSC “Nevsky Design Bureau” in the form of the universal marine complex “Varan”, is actually a midsize aircraft carrier, can be equipped with the stealth fighter Su-57 Naval version … Read more

How Did India Manage to Build an Advanced Fighter Jet Like the Tejas?

When it comes to sensitive industries like defense, democracy and the rule of law do matter. BY SALVATORE BABONES   ndia’s biennial military aircraft show, Aero India, went off without a hitch in early February in the southern Indian tech capital of Bengaluru. Despite the travails of pandemic-era traveling, the United States sent a deputy undersecretary, a Navy … Read more