Revealing the “Boss” Who supplied tons of weapons to the Afghan battlefield

From drones and missiles to armored vehicles, many Israeli-made weapon systems have effectively helped the NATO and Afghan forces to fight Taliban. As Western military forces withdraw from Afghanistan, many Israeli weapons systems will no longer be involved in the hunt for Taliban and other terrorists. Although the Israeli forces has never been in the war-torn Central Asian country, … Read more

10,000 Chinese soldiers conduct live-fire drills near Indian border

The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is said to have deployed around 10,000 troops from the Western Military District Command to conduct live-fire drills in Tibet, which borders India. The exercise will helps Chinese soldiers gain more experience in operating at high altitudes of 4,500 meters on the Tibetan plateau. China’s Ministry of National Defense on August 27 stated about … Read more

Russia’s high profile weapons are all show off: American Media

Despite the Cold War ending decades ago and the great threat that was once the Soviet Union giving way to a financially anemic Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin’s Russian regime has managed to remain at the forefront of American defense concerns consistently throughout the modern era. Today, Russia shares the role of antagonist in military strategy … Read more

Elite Indian troops meet soldier from China in Elbrus Ring competition

The Elbrus Ring competition is the most challenging contest during the International Army Games, a military competition between nations organised by Russia. According to reports soldiers from China and India’s elite mountain troops are gathering on a European snow-capped peak, but not to fight each other, but to compete and earn medals from international military … Read more

How difficult is it to develop a 4th generation aircraft, 35yrs of development, 16 prototypes

We have written a lot of articles about the Indian Air Force LCA Tejas Fighter. As the first 4th generation fighter made in India, the development of the LCA tejas Fighter can be described more than simply. From self-development to foreign equipment, the Indian government and the Indian military industry have experienced too many stories. … Read more

Can the T-14 Armata super tank withstand US uranium armor-piercing bullets?

In a “tank battle” between two rivals Russian T-14 Armata and M1A2 Abram of America. Can T-14 Armata tank withstand against American tanks use armor-piercing bullets with depleted uranium cores, can the Russian T14 tank survive? Since its debut in 2015, Russia’s T-14 Armata main battle tank has been highlighted by the Russian media and officials several characteristics … Read more

B-52 Stratofortress: How strong is the strategic bomber that gonna serve for a century?

There are very few countries in the world with strategic bombers. Like having nuclear weapons, they are completely a symbol of the status of a major country. Out of strategic needs, China, the United States and Russia are currently the three main endorsements.  As the leading aviation powers and the superpower of the world, the … Read more