The S-500 air defense system can shoot down military satellites.

When developing the S-500 Prometheus system, the Russian military incorporated a unique ability into this air defense system, allowing it to destroy even military spacecraft if its orbit is at an altitude of up to 200km.

Unlike Russian bunker anti-satellite missiles, the S-500 Prometheus system can be deployed secretly anywhere in the world to attack enemy military satellites.

According to the news agency, the maximum target destruction range of the Russian S-500 Prometheus system is 200km (in terms of altitude), which is not only suitable for intercepting enemy ballistic missiles at points. rush but also to destroy spaceships.

The S-500 system is not officially considered an anti-satellite system, however, in terms of its height range, this gives it the opportunity to engage multiple targets in space that no other system has yet. other can do.

Sergey Chemezov, the general manager of Rostec, who was secretly awarded the title of “Hero of Russia” by Russian President Putin, gave the answer. He said: Don’t guess, S-500 missiles will not be sold. . This is not a question of money at all. No amount of money will sell such anti-aircraft missiles. The most advanced military technology of a country will never be sold abroad. The reason why Russia has sold S-400 aggressively before is largely because there is still a more powerful killer S-500 waiting behind. It is precisely because it has more powerful weapons that Russia can safely sell its main anti-aircraft weapons in active service.

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