Worried about China, the Indian Navy acts like never before in the Indian Ocean

Growing PLAN strength and influence in the Indian Ocean force the Indian navy to dispatched warships to conduct unprecedented patrols. India is conducting more warship patrols than ever before, amid fears it may lose its dominant position in the Indian Ocean as China’s naval power growing rapidly. According to senior Indian naval officials, the seas … Read more

Top Six Most Powerful Fighter Aircrafts in Europe

Europe has long seen a concentration of some of the world’s most capable fighter aircraft as a frontier between the U.S. led Western Bloc and the Warsaw Pact. So today we bring the top six powerful fighter aircraft of Europe. Although less of a priority for U.S deployments in the 21st century, due to Russia’s … Read more

Is the Russia’s Su-57 Felon world’s most lagging stealth fighter?

The Sukhoi Su-57 Felon is Russia’s first stealth aircraft. Its development was slowed down due to numerous problems and delays. As for early 2022, only a small number of production examples exist. Russia’s Su-57 (Felon) is a single-seat, twin-engine “stealth” multirole fighter developed by the Russian aircraft manufacturer Sukhoi. It has been in development since before the … Read more

North Korea fired 7 missiles in one month

North Korea conducted its largest missile test since 2017 on 30 January, It said the ballistic missile was an intermediate range Hwasong 12, seen as taking the nuclear-armed country a step closer to resuming long-range testing. Both Japan and South Korea confirmed that North Korea launched at least one ballistic missile into waters off its … Read more

Race heats up between US F/A-18 and French Rafale M for Indian Naval fighter

The competition to initially supply 26 jets (18 single seaters and eight twin-seat trainers) to the Indian Navy is being processed under a government-to-government mode, with requests for an operational demonstration sent to the US and French embassies The race to supply new aircraft-carrier-borne fighter jets to the Indian Navy is heating up, with the … Read more

Israel’s 5 Most Powerful Weapons Of War

5 Most Powerful Israeli Weapons Systems: While living in a dangerous neighborhood, Israel always has to worry about getting outgunned and outmanned in the Middle East. That is why it relies on technological breakthroughs for military needs. These innovations produce powerful defense hardware and have led to the development of mighty weapons systems. Below is a … Read more

Uzi: The Tiny Submachine Gun That Fires 600 Rounds Per Minute

Why the Israelis (and the world) Loved the Uzi: A quick glimpse of the famed Uzi submachine gun immediately conjures up many memories. Universally recognizable, the Uzi became synonymous with the Israel Defense Forces and lived large in popular culture in the 1980s – showing up in everything from movies to music videos. It sprays bullets to make … Read more

Overnight encounters in Kashmir, five terrorists killed

Five terrorists belonging to Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Mohammad outfits, including a self-styled commander, were killed in two separate overnight encounters with security forces in Jammu and Kashmir, police said on Sunday. Five terrorists belonging to Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) and Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) outfits, including a self-styled commander, were killed in two separate overnight encounters with security forces in … Read more

Algeria purchases six Chinese CH-5 Rainbow combat drone

Algeria announced on January 24 that the Algerian Armed Forces confirmed the order for 6 China’s “CH-5” Rainbow UCAV. According to the Arms Trade Database of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), China has already delivered five CH-3 and five CH-4 armed drones in 2018. Algeria has also ordered the Wing Loong-2, and by the … Read more

Middle East oil producer giants Air force power comparison

The Middle East is rich in oil. As we all know, this hot, desert and desert land should be a barren land, but because of the rich oil resources underground, some countries in the Middle East seem to have a cornucopia. For example, Saudi Arabia, a major oil producer in the Middle East, such as … Read more