How much money does war cost? In a single day, Russia launched a third of all tactical missiles

According to media reports, on the first day of the Russian-Ukrainian war, the Russian army launched a total of 160 “Iskander” tactical ballistic missiles and cruise missiles, destroying 83 targets of the Ukrainian army. The three “Iskander” missile brigades deployed in the border areas of Russia and Ukraine are equipped with about 27 missile launch … Read more

Some Predictions on the Russian-Ukrainian War

1. Russia does not intend to destroy Ukraine; 2. Russia has three major combat objectives; 3. The highest goal is to force NATO to sign a series of treaties, stop the eastward expansion, and not allow Ukraine to join NATO; 4. If the highest goal cannot be achieved, pursue the second goal and force Ukraine … Read more

Russia’s limited attack on Ukraine, what is the real intention?

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues, and the situation is not as clear as it was on the first day. What is Russia’s real intentions? The outside world has been confused by Russia’s military activities. In addition to the strict restrictions on not hitting civilian targets, the use of precision-guided munitions is limited, and … Read more

Will the Indian defence industry hit By Western sanctions on Russia?

Western sanctions on Russia could threaten India’s $375 million export contract of BrahMos cruise missiles with the Philippines. A wide cross-section of serving and retired service officers and defence analysts in New Delhi feared that India’s military faced the ‘grim and worrying’ prospect of interrupted and interminably delayed Russian defence kit. The world’s major powers … Read more

Meet Russia’s Nuclear Weapons: How Putin Could Kill Billions Of People In Minutes

Russia has a massive nuclear weapons arsenal. But just how powerful is it? What sorts of weapons does Putin have? During the Cold War, the fear of nuclear Armageddon that would destroy the Earth was palatable. Fast forward to today, and nuclear arms pose a significantly smaller threat. But that doesn’t mean that countries continue to spend billions maintaining and … Read more

Why US Navy’s Largest Warship Ford-Class Aircraft Carrier Is So Expensive

Why Is the Ford-class Carrier So Expensive? – The USS Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier comes with a high price tag in return for its cutting-edge technology. At $13.3 billion, this is around 30 percent more than what the Navy promised it would cost and two times the cost of the last flat-top built. America’s largest and most … Read more

Kyiv Has Not Fallen: Russia’s War On Ukraine Is Not Going Very Well

Russia’s Advance Slows on Kyiv, As Death Toll Mounts – Despite heavy shelling and concentrated missile fire, the Russian advance on Kyiv has been effectively slowed by Ukrainian forces. In fact, the Russians have yet to take any of the major population centers thus far, as the fighting intensifies. The Ukrainian military has been blowing bridges on the route into Kyiv and … Read more

Russia’s Spetsnaz Special Forces: Putin’s Secret Weapon In Ukraine?

Russian Spetsnaz Special Forces Likely Running Roughshod in Ukraine – Elite Russian Spetsnaz special operations forces are likely already in Ukraine and spending ample time taking over checkpoints, helping airborne troops seize at least one airport, and capturing critical infrastructure. The Spetsnaz excel at working behind enemy lines to sow chaos and confusion. Spetsnaz Likely Going After Critical … Read more

Is Russia’s New Su-57 Stealth Fighter Going To War In Ukraine?

Russia’s Su-57 Stealth Fighter – Ready for War in Ukraine? There have been some observers shooting videos of what they think are Su-57 Felon fighters over Ukraine escorting bombers for an attack run at targets to support the invasion. These are unconfirmed reports and on February 24, the India Today media outlet has fact-checked that video shared by many and … Read more