Three reasons Russia facing so many casualties in Russia-Ukraine war

The Russian-Ukrainian conflict broke out for more than one month, and Russia still has not made much progress. Kyiv and Kharkiv are still firmly in the hands of Ukraine, and Mariupol in the south has not been attacked for a long time. Western help to Ukraine is still being provided, and the Russian special military … Read more

France sent three strategic nuclear submarines to sea after 30 years

For the first time in around 30 years, France has put three of its four ballistic missile submarines, to sea at the same time besides that on March 30, France successfully test-fired ASMPA nuke missile from Rafale fighter. The sudden change in the situation in Eastern Europe and Ukraine has made the whole of Europe … Read more

Experts warned NATO expansion would lead to war: Why did nobody listen to them?

Analysts and diplomats have been saying since the 1990s that NATO expansion would eventually spark a conflict in Eastern Europe. Russia’s military offensive in Ukraine has been underway for a month now. It has already led to a global economic crisis stemming from disruptions in supply chains and rising energy prices. And although the beginning of … Read more

India ready to bypass dollar in trade with Russsia

A mechanism allowing the switch to domestic currencies is expected to be operational this week. A system allowing direct rupee-ruble payments in trade between Russia and India could be launched this week, the president of the Federation of Indian Export Organizations (FIEO), A Sakthivel, told CNBC on Wednesday. The arrangement would allow India and Russia … Read more

What is the amount of money that Russia is losing in Russia Ukraine’s war?

How much will it cost Russia to fight this Russia-Ukraine war? Many people must have talked about this issue, but most of don’t know it clearly, because Russia has used so many troops and equipment in this war plus the sanctions it has received, and the funds spent are simply unpredictable. So, what is Russia going … Read more

Russia Has Just Completely Changed Its War Strategy In Ukraine

Russia Enters Defense Mode As Offensive in Ukraine Faulters – Russian forces in Ukraine have adopted a defensive position in Ukraine after four weeks of being on the offensive. The shift in strategy comes as Russia realizes that taking control of Kyiv is unlikely to occur without a dramatic change in strategy – perhaps chemical weapons or other escalations – and after Ukrainian forces … Read more

Putin’s Hell: Chernihiv Is ‘Completely Destroyed’ As Russia Changes Tactics

After Ukrainian authorities announced on Friday that Russian troops had completely surrounded the northern city of Chernihiv, the city’s mayor, Vladyslav Atroshenko, announced that bombing in the city had escalated and resulted in a bridge connecting the city to Ukraine’s capital had been destroyed. The bombing meant that the main route out of the city, which was … Read more

Kestrel WhAP: New armored vehicle for Indian security personal

TATA has started deliveries of the first batch of WhAP (Kestrel) 8 x 8 Armored vehicles to the Central Reserve Police Force, most probably ITBP. Recently a video circulated by military fans on social media shows that TATA and DRDO jointly developed WhAP (Wheeled Armored Amphibious Platform) Kestrel armored vehicle roll out from TATA Pimpri, … Read more

America’s B-1B: The Bomber Built For A War With Russia

B1-B Bomber Still Answers the Call in Modern Warfare: The B-1B Lancer was originally made to be the main delivery mechanism for the U.S. nuclear triad in the 1980s if war with Russia ever broke out. Instead, after the Cold War, it became a conventional bombing warhorse. The B-1B switched over from its nuclear-bombing mission in the mid-1990s. … Read more

India successfully test fires MRSAM System, destroys target in direct hit

India’s DRDO on Sunday successfully test-fired army variant medium-range surface-to-air missile (MRSAM) off the coast of Odisha’s Balasore. The army version of MRSAM flight tested from ITR off Odisha coast intercepted a high speed aerial target at long range. The target was destroyed by the missile in a direct hit, confirms DRDO. The system’s air … Read more