Poland provided Ukraine with over 200 T- 72 tanks, dozens of infantry fighting vehicles

Poland has sent at least 240 Soviet style T–72 tanks and dozens of Infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine. While other European countries sitting on chairs, enjoying the war and busy buying oil and gas from Russia Poland take initiative and send more than 240 T-72M series tanks.  Dozens of infantry fighting vehicles, 2S1 Goździk self-propelled … Read more

The Russian army attacked hard, the battle of Donbas entered a drastic stage

The Russian army launched several fierce attack in the east and south directions; American media said that the battle of Donbas “seems to have entered a dramatic phase”. Different from the repeated declaration of victory of the Russian Army a few days ago, the Ukrainian Army on the 27th and 28th announced that they had failed in … Read more

After 13 years of construction and trials, INS Vikrant will be handed over to Indian Navy in May

Cochin Shipyard officials said a new aircraft carrier of IAC specifications can be built by the shipyard in just five years. The Cochin Shipyard Limited (CSL) will hand over India’s first Indigenous Aircraft Carrier (IAC)  which will be named ‘INS Vikrant’ to the Indian Navy next month. This was revealed by CSL Director (Technical) Bejoy … Read more

For the first time Russian unmanned helicopter was shot down by Ukraine

For the first time, a Russian KBLA-IVT unmanned helicopter was shot down by Ukrainian soldiers with Stinger MANPADS On April 21, the Ukrainian Army released a photo, announcing that, for the first time in the eastern region, they used a mobile Stinger anti-aircraft missile to shoot down a Russian S-100  unmanned helicopter in the eastern region.  … Read more

Aren’t the onlookers afraid of big things? The United States madly hinted at Ukraine: it is up to you whether to hit Russia or not

The United States has completely exposed its true face of “fighting to the last Ukrainian”. The Ukrainian crisis has fermented so far, and all the United States has done is to fan the flames. The United States has not only sent a large number of military aid to Ukraine but also filled Ukraine with artillery, … Read more

Russian Navy sent its Dinosaur to Salvaging Moskva

To salvage the cruiser “Moscow”, the century-old Russian ship was dispatched to prevent the leakage of secrets. According to reports by the Ukrainian State News Agency on April 28, the agency published the German media “Bild”, saying that to prevent the core secrets of the “Moscow” cruiser from falling into the hands of Western countries. … Read more

Russian KUB-BLA vs US Phoenix Ghost: Ukraine’s battlefield slowly turning into American weapons vs Russian

Both Russia and Ukraine are currently using loitering munition on the battlefield while Russia has homemade weapons, then Ukraine has US-backed drones. So which UAV is better? A few days ago, the US announced to provide Ukraine with the suicide drone Phoenix Ghost, which is said to be an improved version, developed especially for Ukraine. Previously, the … Read more

How Ukraine counterattacks putting Russian soldiers in a difficult position

After the initial period of having to be on the defensive, recently the Ukrainian Army has launched a counterattack on the Russian border; put the Russian army in a difficult position. The Russian-Ukrainian conflict has entered its third month. On the Northern Front, the Ukrainian Army launched a counter-offensive attack to force Russian army to retreat, forcing … Read more

Ukraine antique Osa air defence system shot down Russian Ka-52 advanced helicopter

Russia’s most advanced state-of-the-art Ka-52 attack helicopter was shot down by Ukraine 9K33 Osa SAM  short-range tactical surface-to-air missile system Near Kherson. The state-of-the-art Russian Ka-52 helicopter was shot down near the city of Kherson by a Soviet-era short-range anti-aircraft missile complex, the 9K33 Osa (Wasps) system. According to a representative of the Ukrainian Army, based … Read more