Although it is a long way to go, at least it should be implemented in Pakistan

A suicide bombing targeting Chinese people took place in Karachi, Pakistan, killing three Chinese members of the Confucius Institute. The Balochistan Liberation Army claimed responsibility for the incident.

The Balochistan Liberation Army is the number one culprit in the killing of Chinese people in Pakistan. In addition to condemning their atrocities, China must act more resolutely to punish this terrorist force whose hands are constantly stained with Chinese blood.

According to related reports, a woman stood at the entrance of the university and blew herself up when a van drove by near a university in Karachi. At least 4 people have been killed and 4 injured.

It is said that there should be no real hostility to China in Pakistan, and opposition to China is generally unpopular in Pakistan. However, because the Pakistani government has good relations with China, attacking the Chinese can create even greater shocks and embarrass the Pakistani government. Several terrorist forces continue to prey on the Chinese, and these actions are suspected to be increasingly supported by the intelligence agencies of the United States and India.

China should increase its support for Pakistan’s counter-terrorism, and once the terrorists are identified, China can even directly launch airstrikes or missile attacks on the terrorists’ camps with the consent of the Pakistani government, so that the terrorists know that they will attack China. The target will be punished, and they need to understand that China has a belief that “even if you are far away, you will be punished.” If they insist on attacking the Chinese, their heads will have to move.

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The Pakistani Prime Minister’s Office tweeted that Pakistani Prime Minister Sharif expressed his grief over the casualties of Chinese citizens in the Karachi bombing. He said, “Terrorists are Pakistan’s enemies” and vowed to eliminate the remaining terrorists.

We should also strengthen foreign intelligence agencies to support the collection of evidence of airstrikes against the Chinese. If the evidence is conclusive, China should publish it and take resolute retaliation.

In short, the Chinese cannot be allowed to bleed in vain in Pakistan, and if the pursuit and suppression of terrorists cannot be done in Pakistan, where will China’s majesty as a great power be placed?

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