Russian troops: Syria to Ukraine and US will sign the “Lend-Lease Act” to aid Ukraine;

Russia’s major objective after adjusting its military plan against Ukraine was to retake the Donbas area. As a result, Russia’s army has lately launched an open attack in eastern Ukraine.

Russia is sending soldiers from Syria to Ukraine.

The Russian army will undertake a large-scale offensive on the two significant cities of Severo-Donetsk and Popasna in the east of Uzbekistan in the coming days, according to Heidi, the leader of the Luhansk administration. Russian soldiers have been shelling Severo Donetsk, an important industrial city in eastern Ukraine, for several weeks. Although much of the city has been destroyed, Ukrainian forces continue to patrol the area.

On Telegram, Heidi said: “Because it is the regional hub, the Russian army wants Severo Donetsk. Of course, this might be utilized as a morale booster; another purpose is to surround the Ukrainian army and cut Popa off. Sna’s route to Bachmut.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin has decided to dial back military activities in Syria in order to speed up military operations in the Donbass. According to reports, Russia has started a partial evacuation of its soldiers from Syria, concentrating them at three airports before going to the Ukrainian front. The number of Russian troops dispatched to Syria is unknown. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, there were 63,000 Russian troops stationed in Syria between 2015 and 2018, with over half of them being commanders.

In April, he was named “commander-in-chief of the Russian army’s special military operation in Ukraine” by General Alexander Dvornikov, the Russian army’s commander in Syria. Putin wants him to accomplish his job in Udong on May 9, which is also known as “Victory Day” in Russia. The Russian attack, however, is “behind schedule” for a variety of reasons, including logistical lag.

According to Heidi, a vote on Donetsk and Luhansk joining Russia, which was slated for mid-May, has been postponed at least until the military regains control of its area inside Ukraine’s regional boundaries. This might take several weeks or months. In a meeting with governors in early May, Sergey Kiriyenko, one of the architects of the Kremlin’s recovery of Donbas and the Russian presidency’s deputy head, encouraged “not to have unrealistic hopes.”

The US will sign the “Lend-Lease Act” to help Ukraine, with the intention of continuing to help Ukraine for a long period.

On the one hand, Russia’s sobriety; on the other hand, the United States’ consecutive support to Ukraine, so that no signals of the war’s conclusion can be seen.

White House spokesperson Jen Psaki stated on May 6 that the White House will sign the Ukrainian version of the Lend-Lease Act (Act) on May 9, which will expedite US support for Ukrainian weaponry, military equipment, medicines, food, and other items. It was also a crucial choice for the US to breach its neutrality during WWII.

On May 6, US Vice President Joe Biden announced a fresh tranche of military aid worth $150 million, consisting mostly of 25,000 155mm artillery shells, anti-jamming radars, and field equipment. Biden proposed a $33 billion aid package to Ukraine in April, which included $20 billion in military aid and is now pending congressional approval.

The United States has stated that it will offer Ukraine long-term assistance. Biden urged foreign allies to unify, saying that if Ukraine is to win the next phase of the conflict, its international partners, including the US, must demonstrate unity and resolve to keep weaponry and ammunition going to the country.


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