Indian armed forces buy 76 TAPAS combat drones, first delivery by 2023

By 2023, TAPAS combat drones will be introduced into the Indian military. A total of 76 TAPAS UCAV will deliver to all three branches of the Indian armed force. Few days back it was reported that Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) will start working on producing six airframes to conduct evaluation trials of the TAPAS BH-201 … Read more

Russian Su-57 and Tu-22M3 struck Ukraine and destroyed many targets

Currently, the southern Ukrainian battlefield is heating up, in addition to the Kherson-Zaporizhia front where fierce fighting is taking place, the Odessa area will also be an important battlefield for both sides. Currently, the three major fronts on the Ukrainian battlefield show different developments, on the Donetsk and Kharkov fronts are relatively calm, neither Russia nor Ukraine … Read more

HIMARS Supremacy: Russian T-72 tanks, counter-mine kit, Msta-S & Gvozdika Howitzer, mortar, vehicle destroyed

MLRS Himars with an accurate hit destroyed an ammunition depot and a field ammunition depot in Chornobaivka and Bilohirka in the Kherson region. Tonight, Himars multiple launch rocket systems delivered a precise strike on an ammunition depot near the village of Brylivka. As a result of an accurate hit in the warehouse by at least one … Read more

Watch: Russia hit Ukrainian Army position with most powerful mortar

A Ukrainian military position was hit by the latest Russian 240-mm 3F5 “Smelchak” high-explosive (HE), semi-active laser-guided mortar. As part of the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the Russian military deployed guided 240-mm ammunition 3F5 “Smelchak”. The use of these devastating projectiles, fired by the 2S4 Tyulpan self-propelled heavy mortar at the positions of foreign … Read more

Indian Air force MiG-21 crash: Both pilots lost their lives

A MiG-21 fighter aircraft of the Air Force crashed in Rajasthan’s Barmer district two pilot lost their life. The reason for the crash is not yet known. Two pilots have been killed when a MiG-21 fighter aircraft crashed in Rajasthan’s Barmer district on Thursday evening. The debris of the aircraft was found scattered on a … Read more

Ukraine Army ran out of Tochka-U ballistic missiles

The Tochka-U “short range” ballistic missile systems are the most powerful long-range weapon in Ukraine’s arsenal. However, after 5 months of hostilities, Kyiv has now exhausted its arsenal of these missiles. In an interview with the Washington Post on July 24, the director of the intelligence service of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Kirill … Read more

Masterstroke of India against China, India can now deploy warships in Vietnam

Recently, India and Vietnam signed an agreement through which the two sides can now use military bases of each other to facilitate maintenance and supply of ships and aircrafts. Vietnam-India cooperation has been increased again, Vietnam can obtain more Indian military technology, and India can also make use of Vietnam to take control of the … Read more

Not only FA-50 fighter jets, but Poland also bought K2 Tanks, and K9 Howitzers from South Korea

Earlier it was reported that  Poland buy 58 FA-50 fighter jets from South Korea, but the latest report said that Poland also buy K2 and K9 howitzers from South Korea which is the biggest defence deal ever for both countries. According to recent reports published by the Drive, in its biggest arms export deal ever, … Read more

Meet the F-11 “Tiger”: one of the fastest fighter jet in the world of its time

As a field that integrates scientific and technological strength, the aviation industry has a large existence, especially the military aviation with the most advanced technology, which is also a symbol of strong strength. From the perspective of the research and development process of aviation weapons, mankind has created a large number of advanced scientific and … Read more