10 interesting quick facts about the PHALANX Close-in Weapon System

The Phalanx close-in weapon system (CIWS) is an extremely powerful and deadly close-range defense system designed and developed by the United States of America, it is considered as the “last line of defense” against aerial threats, anti-ship missiles, etc. 1) The Phalanx CIWS entered into service with the United States Navy in 1980, since then, … Read more

The effectiveness of the M-777 howitzer in the Ukrainian battlefield

The American-supplied M-777 Lightweight Artillery Gun is one of the most advanced howitzer in the world. USA supplied large number of M-777 ammunition including the Excalibur Guided Artillery round to Ukraine. The US supplied M-777 guns are helping the Ukrainian Armed Forces to maintain essential firepower on the battlefield. So what type of roles is … Read more

6 interesting facts about the flagship of the Russian Navy, Admiral Kuznetsov

Admiral Kuznetsov is a inactive and only aircraft carrier of the Russian Federation. The aircraft carrier is undergoing refit and modernisation process since the last five years. The Admiral Kuznetsov is serving the Russian Navy since 1995, the carrier has the maximum displacement of 58,600 tons and carry a fleet of 24 fighter aircrafts and … Read more

What are the capabilities of the B61-12 guided nuclear bomb which the United States wants to deploy in Europe?

The United States has speed up the process to deploy the new and advanced version of the B61 guided nuclear bomb in Europe. US officials told NATO allies during a meeting in Brussels this month that the upgraded B61-12 thermonuclear bomb that was initially scheduled to arrive in Europe next year could be deployed as … Read more

NATO transferred poor quality artillery shells, causing the barrel of the Ukrainian D-20 howitzer to be ripped off

Russian media reported that Bulgaria, a NATO member, transferred poor quality 152mm artillery shells, causing the barrel of the Ukrainian D-20 howitzer to be ripped off. Currently, neither Kiev nor Sofia have commented on the information. Russian media reported that Bulgaria had followed NATO’s call to transfer weapons of Soviet-era to Ukraine, but the 152mm … Read more

After the SM-6 missiles deal, japan now wants to buy Tomahawk Land-Attack Cruise Missiles from the United States

Japanese Government is considering the purchase of US-made Tomahawk Land-Attack Cruise Missile in an effort to boost its military power and strengthen its defense capabilities. The Tomahawk is a long-range land-attack cruise missiles capable of striking targets deep inside the enemy territory, it has the range of 2500km. Japanese media reported that, the Japanese Government … Read more

Sweden may supply 12 Archer self-propelled artillery systems to Ukraine

Sweden may soon supply the Ukrainian Armed Forces with 12 units of Archer Artillery Systems, on October 26, 2022, Lieutenant Colonel Peter Lidén from the Swedish Defense Academy told that the Swedish Ministry Of Defense has submitted a report to the government that they could provide 12 of their 48 available Archer 155mm wheeled self-propelled … Read more

What are the capabilities of the German Leopard 2 Main Battle Tank?

Germany is well-known for its engineering because of the high quality educational system of the country. Germany has made many state-of-the-art military equipments loaded with the best technology available on the planet. One of them is the German Leopard 2 Third-generation Main Battle Tank, a battle proven weapon system, which is operated by the Armed … Read more

Meet the next-generation nuclear-powered submarines of the Indian Navy, the S-5 Class

Ballistic Missile Submarines are very important for the Indian Armed Forces in improving and making the nuclear triad of India more capable and powerful. After the success of the first nuclear-powered submarines of the Indian Navy, the Arihant-class, the indian navy has planned to design and develop a new and much more capable class of … Read more