Meet the weapon systems that are performing as the backbone of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

According to Business Insider, after 8 months since the Russian-Ukrainian conflict broke out, every backbone weapon in the Ukrainian army at the moment is aided by the West. At the present time, the weapons that are considered the “backbone” in the Ukrainian military, are of Western origin, here are 5 names listed by Business Insider. … Read more

How long does it take to start a destroyer or frigate engines?

Destroyers or frigates, are “defenders” to protect territorial waters, and are very important for any navy. Although many of us have not seen destroyers with our own eyes, we often see them in TV news or films. Many people know that destroyers travel very fast, but for a destroyer in port, you may not know … Read more

The usage of too many types of Artillery Systems has caused a nightmare for Ukraine

The large and varied consumption of artillery shells during the conflict with Russia is a “nightmare” for the logistics of the Ukrainian Army. On October 31, the British news agency Reuters cited an article by Atramazoglu, a retired Greek army officer who said that, due to the intensity of the current war, the ammunition consumption … Read more

India successfully test-fired phase II of interceptor AD-1 missile with large kill altitude bracket

AD-1 is a long-range interceptor missile designed for both low exo-atmospheric and endo-atmospheric interception of long-range ballistic missiles and aircraft. According to recent reports published by TIMES NOW, India on Wednesday successfully conducted maiden flight test of Phase-II Ballistic Missile Defence (BMD) interceptor AD-1 missile with large kill altitude bracket from APJ Abdul Kalam Island, … Read more

US MIM-23 HAWK missile: outdated and useless weapon in modern warfare

According to Russian military experts, the US MIM-23 HAWK air defense missile complexes supplied to Ukraine have been manufactured since the 1960s and are now really outdated. Recently, after the massive and continuous aerial drone and cruise missiles strikes on Ukraine by the Russian Armed Forces, NATO nations have decided to supply Ukrainian Army with … Read more

Pentagon to send “advanced air defense weapons” to Ukraine, specifically to deal with Russian suicide drone attacks

It is reported that in the middle of last month, the Russian army used a large number of drones in the continuous aerial strikes in Ukraine. There are many types of drones used by Russia on the battlefield, but “suicide” drones are mostly being used to attack Ukrainian energy facilities. After flying at low altitude … Read more

Russian Navy test-fired it’s new SLBM, the Bulava Ballistic Missile

Russian Navy nuclear-powered submarine Generalissimus Suvorov has successfully launched a ballistic missile Bulava during the final phase of government certification tests, the Russian Defense Ministry said on Thursday. The launch was carried out from the White Sea at the Kura proving ground in Kamchatka. Russian News Agency, TASS has covered the news about the test … Read more

Iranian-supplied Arash-2 Suicide drones will cause nightmare for Ukrainian Air Defense Systems

Ukraine’s air defense forces will have to face the Arash-2 suicide drone if it is handed over to the Russian military by Iran. The new drone has more firepower and bigger range. The information that Iran will provide russia with a large number of Arash-2 suicide drones has been published by the international media, causing … Read more

NATO is planning to equip the Su-24M jets of Ukraine with Scalp EG/Storm Shadow missiles: Russian Media

Russian media reported that NATO is planning to equip the Scalp EG/Storm Shadow cruise missile developed by Britain/France for the Su-24M Ukraine front-line attack jets. Currently, Kiev has not commented on this information. According to recent reports published by Russian Media sites, the supply of cruise missiles with a range of up to 500 kilometers … Read more

Four weapons that the United States will never give to Ukraine

It has been commented that the US is not providing Ukraine with weapons that can directly harm Russia, but this is not constant and can change over time. Although the United States has already aided Ukraine with more than $20 billion USD since the beginning of the Russia-Ukraine War in February this year, but according … Read more