China wants to strengthen military cooperation with Arab countries.

China’s Ministry of National Defense said that strengthening military cooperation would help build a “China-Arab community with a shared future.” “The Chinese military is ready to cooperate with the militaries of Arab countries to promote global security initiatives jointly,” said Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Tan Kefei on December 29 in response to a question from … Read more

 Russian warship equipped with hypersonic missiles Ready for battle

The Zircon hypersonic missile test was successfully concluded, and the battleship Admiral Gorshkov was declared “combat ready” in time for the extended patrol. The corvette Admiral Gorshkov is now ready for an extended deployment at sea. Russian Navy’s Northern Fleet announced on December 28 that “the final testing stage was undertaken during a test trip … Read more

South Korea plans to spend more than 440 million USD to combat unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs),

Over the next five years, the South Korean military plans to spend $441 million on equipment that can identify and destroy UAVs. The plan was included in the draught military budget for the years 2023-2027 that the Ministry of National Defense released on December 28. Using aircraft-mounted laser weapons and electronic suppression systems, the South … Read more

Australia will extradite the United States veteran suspected of training Chinese pilots.

Authorities in Australia have granted the United States request to extradite former Marine Major Duggan for allegedly training Chinese jet pilots. In a statement released on December 28th, the Australian Department of Justice confirmed that on December 9th, it had received a request from US authorities to extradite Daniel Duggan.  “The Justice Minister approved the … Read more

Why Black Widow Spider Armored vehicle is Thailand’s most promising  (APC) project?

Unofficially dubbed the “Black Widow Spider,” Thailand is putting the armored people mover through its paces. The Thailand Defense Technology Institute created this armored 8×8 wheeled vehicle from the ground up. Thai defense officials have stated that the new Black Widow Spider is technologically on par with other similarly advanced combat vehicles now available in … Read more

The Finnish Parliament called for the transfer of Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine.

Information on the possible supply of Leopard 2A4 tanks to Ukraine received confirmation. As it became known, the Parliament of Finland, by a majority vote, called for providing Ukraine with the Leopard 2 tanks stored in Finland. In the near future, the government of this country will have to consider the demand of the country’s parliament. Finland … Read more

For the Philippines, the JAS-39 could be a better option than the Gripen or the F-16.

It is known that the Philippines is looking for a new fighter plane. Since 2019, the government in Manila has been trying to make its choice. The main reason for the delay is finance. But immediately from the start, the Philippine Department of Defense made it obvious that two fighters would be competing against each … Read more

India’s air defences have been upgraded with the arrival of new S-400 systems.

India currently possesses two batteries of S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems at this time. Reports from within the Asian nation indicate that they are now prepared for operational use. They are positioned to respond to a danger posed by China. In other words, the two S-400s are positioned to cover the northeastern portion of the border … Read more