NATO chief warns Ukraine could lose the war if “urgent needs” for weapons are not met.

Ukraine could lose the war against Russia without additional military equipment from the United States and its allies, NATO’s top civilian official has warned. “There is an urgent need for more ammunition, more weapons for Ukraine,” NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said Monday while on a trip to South Korea. “If they don’t get that, … Read more

Russia is getting ready to send Mi-28NM attack helicopters against Leopard and Abrams.

Russia has reacted to reports that Ukraine expects delivery of Western tanks and has begun to show it by preparing the sophisticated missile-laden attack helicopters after news of future tank supplies to Ukraine. One of the upgraded Mi-28NM helicopters was spotted over Ukraine on January 14, days before the decision was made to deliver tanks … Read more

US Air Force completed testing of hypersonic weapons.

The US Air Force has completed testing of the HAWC hypersonic weapon to serve other weapons development programs. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) announced on January 30 that it has collaborated with the US Air Force to complete the final test of the naturally aspirated Hypersonic Weapon program (HAWC). In the test, the … Read more

India will install indigenous UTTAM active electronically scanned array radar on 150 Su-30MKI fighter jets.

The long-awaited Indian Super Sukhoi program is finally getting underway. The Indian Defense Ministry has already asked for $4 billion. Out of a total of 260 Su-30MKI fighters, 150 will undergo full modernization. Almost two years have passed since the Super Sukhoi program was initially scheduled to begin. Due to the invasion of Ukraine by … Read more

How Russia can deal with Western tanks in the Ukraine war ?

Preemptive attacks to gain an advantage or reinforce defenses along the front lines before Ukraine receives Western tanks are options Russia can choose. The United States, Germany, Poland, and other allies of Ukraine said on January 26 that they would send dozens of modern tanks to support Kyiv in its confrontation with Moscow.  Military experts … Read more