T-14 “Armata” and KF-51 “Black Panther”, who is the representative of the fourth generation tank?

If you want to say what the most eye-catching new tanks of Russia and NATO are, there is no doubt that they must be the Russian T-14 “Amata” and the German KF-51 “Black Panther.” The two traditional tank powerhouses have their own understanding of the fourth-generation tanks, so who can better represent the development direction … Read more

AH-1Z Viper with long-range AIM-120: How the US Marine Corps squeezes everything out of a Vietnam-era helicopter.

For the US Marine Corps, the AH-1Z Viper attack helicopter will be the primary air support for quite some time. And although the US Marines received the last ordered machine in November 2022, there are still several decades of its operation ahead. And for the AH-1, the first flight occurred in 1965, and Vietnam was … Read more

The rumor that Russia intends to transfer the Amata tank technology to India. too extreme for Russia?

The 2023 India Airshow is being held in Bangalore, a city in southern India. All major arms exporting countries in the world, except China, are actively participating in the exhibition, showing hospitality to India, a well-recognized fat sheep in the international arms purchase market. Recently, new news came out of the air show: Vladimir Drozhov, … Read more

Has the Russian army destroyed most of NATO military aid? Strelkov’s ‘devastating criticism’ of the Kremlin.

According to the Russian Satellite News Agency, the announcement issued by the news department of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service shows that since the “invasion” of Russia in December 2021, most of the military assistance provided by NATO countries to Ukraine has been destroyed by the Russian army. According to the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, … Read more

The decisive battle between Russia and Ukraine is imminent, and Zelensky received three bad news in a row.

Not long ago, news came from the West that the Russian army had assembled 500,000 troops, 1,800 tanks, 3,950 tanks, 2,700 artillery pieces, 810 rocket launchers, 400 fighter jets, and 300 helicopters on the front line.  The intelligence agency believes the Russian army will likely plan a real decisive battle around the anniversary of the … Read more

The two-seater version of KF21 successfully made its first flight. Can it be compared with the J-20S?

Korea’s speed is amazing! The 4.5th-generation aircraft KF-21 first flew on July 19, 2022. Four prototypes have taken to the sky in less than half a year. Among them, the first flight of the second prototype is on November 10, 2022, the third prototype made its first flight on January 5 this year, and on January … Read more

North Korea tests super-large rocket artillery that destroys airports

North Korea announced that it had fired a super-large rocket artillery system, capable of destroying an airport, in response to a US-South Korean air drill. “The 600mm multiple launch rocket system used in the drill is a tactical nuclear attack method, capable of turning the enemy’s military airport into ashes,” the Korean Central News Agency … Read more

How powerful is the Eagle-21 “aircraft carrier killer”?

Introduction: After a long-term test, the Eagle-21 has become the world’s first sea-based hypersonic anti-ship ballistic missile deployed in actual combat. Can it be true that this missile could be the Aircraft killer? 1. Missile parameters  In the previous Zhuhai Air Show, China unveiled the YJ-21E for foreign trade, but according to the 300-kilometer range limit … Read more