Israel Tests New Barak ER Missile With An Extended Range Of 150 Km

Concern Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) conducted a series of tests of the new air and missile defense system Barak. According to IAI, the Barak-ER (Extended Range) is capable of intercepting aerial threats up to 160 kilometers away.

The system of protection against long-range missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles of the Barak ER air defense system joins the existing interceptors at a range of 35 and 70 km, becoming part of the Barak MX system, and, most likely, will operate on the basis of 6 new ships.

Barak ER during test trials
Barak ER during test trials

Barak ER interceptors have vertical launch capabilities providing 360 ° coverage, fast response, short minimum range and active high-performance seeker for targets with small radar cross-sections and high maneuverability.

It is especially emphasized that the Israeli concern produces all the necessary elements of the system independently, including radar (MMR for the land and MFSTAR for the sea version), a command and control system, launchers, missiles (engines for missiles are produced by the Tomer company).

SAM system Barak ER

  • Provides air defense and missile defense for the ground forces, air force and navy; is already in service with a number of countries (including the Israeli Navy, the Army / Air Force / Indian Navy, as well as Azerbaijan)
  • It is capable of withstanding and provides protection against a variety of threats from the air, sea and land, including ballistic missiles, surface-to-surface missiles, cruise missiles, UAVs and helicopters.
  • Includes 3 types of interceptor missiles with a range of 35, 70 and 150 km, guided from a single control system and launched from a unified launcher

The land and naval versions of the BarakER use numerous common blocks and the same missiles. PU independently control and launch any combination of interceptor missiles of different models. The command and control system optimizes interceptors to repel threats in real time, which allows you to minimize the consumption of expensive long-range missiles at the expense of medium and short-range missiles and thereby reduce the cost of operating the system, in light of budget constraints common to many countries.

Barak is a state-of-the-art, field-proven system that maximizes the capabilities needed to counter today’s threats, in particular ballistic ones. The system has both sea and land versions. Both share common building blocks based on the air defense know-how developed at IAI over the past decades, said IAI President and CEO Boaz Levy. proof of its capabilities. The modular approach and smart launchers meet the needs of customers, providing maximum flexibility on the battlefield and when purchasing within budget constraints.

The volume of transactions for the air defense missile system exceeded $ 7 billion. About 1,000 missiles have already been produced and delivered.

Israeli defense giant Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) positions itself as the world’s leading aerospace and defense company, developing and delivering cutting-edge technologies in space, air, land, naval, cyber and homeland security.

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