40mm grenades destroying Russian tanks: Ukrainian Super Drone, can carry 8 heavy mortar shells

With the arrival of a number of NATO automatic grenade launchers, including MK19, the Ukrainian army also obtained the M430 series of 40 mm anti-armor-breaking dual-purpose grenades, not surprisingly, this excellent performance ammunition has also been favored by the multi-rotor drone pilots of the front-line Ukrainian army, by installing a 3D printed tail fin and modifying the fuse insurance, becoming the new ammunition of the Ukrainian multi-rotor UAV.

Compared with the VOG-17 series 30 mm grenades used by the Ukrainian army in large quantities, the M430 series 40 mm grenades are more powerful, especially with the ability to break armor, which is enough to penetrate 76 mm homogeneous steel armor, and its fragments have a lethal range of 5 meters and damage radius of 15 meters, which means that the Ukrainian multi-rotor UAV throws M430 series 40 mm grenades, which can directly attack various armored targets of the Russian army.

Previously, since the VOG-17 series 30 mm grenades did not have the ability to break armor, if they wanted to attack Russian armored targets, they had to either throw vog-17 series 30 mm grenades into the hatch of Russian armored vehicles accurately, or they had to use heavier anti-tank grenades. Now, with the M430 series of 40mm anti-personnel armor-piercing dual-purpose grenades, everything is made simple.

Ukrainian troops equipping a VOG-17 grenade with DJI civilian drone
Ukrainian troops equipping a VOG-17 grenade with DJI civilian drone

The modified version of VOG-17 grenades thrown by Ukrainian UAVs only has a lethal effect and has no armor-breaking ability

Pictures and videos show that a large number of commercial multi-rotor drones used by the Ukrainian army have begun to universally mount the modified M430 series of 40 mm anti-damage and armor-breaking dual-purpose grenades, which are more flexible in tactics and can hit almost all targets found on the battlefield. There are even videos showing that the M430 series of 40 mm anti-personnel armor-breaking dual-purpose grenades thrown by the Ukrainian multi-rotor drone also destroyed the Russian tanks, which once again exposed the problem of the Russian army’s lack of reactive armor: the top of the Russian turret is also equipped with reactive armor, and if it works normally, the M430, which has a depth of only 76 mm, will not penetrate the main armor at the top of its turret. However many published videos on social media show that these tactics of Ukraine military are effective and lots of time its able to penetrate the armor of Russian armor vehicles.

DJI MAVIC 3 drone with M430 grenade
DJI MAVIC 3 drone with M430 grenade

In contrast, another multi-rotor drone used by the Ukrainian army is a big killer, which is the “revolver 860”, it is reported that the Ukrainian army has obtained 800 “revolver 860” from Taiwan. The name is given because this multi-rotor drone has a revolver weapon pylon, which can carry 8 mortar shells, from 60 mm to 120 mm, with a maximum endurance of 40 minutes and a combat range of 20 km.

The firepower of 8 120 mm mortar shells is not meant to imply that commercial multi-rotor drones cannot be compared, which is to say, many small military drones are comparable. However, the Russian army in the Ukrainian battlefield should exercise caution because 120 mm mortar shells, when you think about it, really want to be hit, so getting hit is most definitely not a matter of sipping a cup of tea. All prior multi-rotor UAV ammunition deployed by the Russian and Ukrainian army, including grenades, 30/40 mm grenades, and anti-tank stores, is insignificant in comparison to 120 mm mortar shells.

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