5 Unusual Types of Insurance You Need To Be Aware Of


Unusual Types of Insurance is an indispensable component of life and provides us with financial protection in case of unexpected events. But there may be various types of coverage we are unaware of that can provide benefits in different aspects of our lives, like pet or cyber insurance policies. Here, we explore five such policies you should definitely add to your portfolio – pet, cyber and health are among them!

1) Pet insurance

Pet insurance provides coverage for various health-related issues that might impact your pet, such as illness and accidents. In such instances, pet insurance will help cover costs such as treatment, medication and/or rehabilitation for both illness and accidents.

Pet insurance provides coverage for illnesses like cancer or diabetes as well as injuries such as broken bones, bites and infections – as well as the cost of replacing your beloved companion in case they must be put down due to accidents or illnesses. It may even cover costs related to replacing them if necessary.

2) Cyber insurance

Cyber insurance aims to cover businesses from the costs associated with data breaches, privacy breaches, and other cyber security risks. This type of policy also offers coverage against the legal fees related to data breaches that occur as a result.

Cyber insurance can also be an essential tool for individuals, providing financial protection in case their data or identity has been stolen, deleted or altered by hackers. Cyber insurance covers expenses associated with replacing stolen or lost information and restoring computers after hacking attempts have taken place.

3) Wedding insurance

Wedding insurance offers crucial protection in the event that a major incident or natural disaster disrupts or changes a wedding celebration, especially those getting married in areas at greater risk of such disasters. Wedding protection may prove especially helpful for couples getting married near such areas where natural hazards pose greater threats.

As natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods increase, this form of insurance becomes even more essential to protecting people who fear for their financial well-being in an event of natural catastrophe, like recession.

4) Flight insurance

Flight insurance enables travellers to cover the costs associated with flights that are delayed or canceled, providing refunds if a later cancelled flight caused by severe weather or other issues has to be waited out for. This can be especially valuable in areas with increased chances of flight cancellation due to inclement conditions or other unforeseen problems.

Flight insurance provides coverage in case your luggage becomes lost or delayed, providing support as you work with the airline to get it delivered as quickly as possible.

5) Legal insurance

Legal insurance provides coverage for legal expenses that arise as a result of legal action being brought against individuals, such as doctors and lawyers. While all individuals should invest in legal coverage, its value increases exponentially for people working in professions with higher incidence of legal actions against them such as doctors and lawyers.

Legal insurance provides financial support for legal fees you incur if involved in a legal dispute or court case that requires legal representation, such as fraud, injury claims, employment law disputes and more. Legal coverage also extends beyond these issues and provides coverage against issues like fraud and injury claims as well as employment related disputes that might cause legal battles to ensue.

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