5 US Army weapons that post huge threat to enemy

Military observers for The National Interest have compiled a list of five types of US military weapons that pose a threat to opponents.

According to military experts of the American edition of The National Interest (NI) , the  US Armed Forces have five types of weapons that make the country’s army dangerous to potential adversaries.

The AH-64 Apache  attack helicopter opens the  top 5 list of formidable weapons of the US Army . Having been in service with the US Armed Forces since the mid-80s, the helicopter became the most widespread in the world in 2018. Throughout many military conflicts, the AH-64 Apache has  proven that attack helicopters play a leading role on the battlefield. The AH-64 Apache carries an AGM-114 Hellfire missile and is armed with an M230 single-barreled 30mm automatic cannon . This arsenal allows the helicopter to destroy enemy tanks. NI experts  note the AN-64 Apache’s good combination of firepower, speed and range.

This is followed by the legendary M-1 Abrams tank, modifications of which allow it to be still considered one of the best in the world. Having entered service with the US Army in the same 80s of the last century, the tank weighing 60 tons has an impressive arsenal of weapons, consisting of a  120 mm M256 cannon , several machine guns and a computer fire control system. The thickness of the uranium armor reaches almost a meter, and the top speed of the M-1 Abrams is 64 km / h.

The third position is taken by the M109A6 Paladin ACS . This latest version of the M-109 self-propelled howitzers, in addition to serving in the  US Armed Forces , has become widespread in the armies of NATO countries . Shooting is carried out with 155-mm shells, and the rocket versions can effectively hit targets at a distance of  32 km .

In fourth place is the “old man” by the standards of modern weapons models, the BGM-71 TOW heavy anti-tank missile system (ATGM) . With 45 years of experience, the TOW is still in service thanks to its impressive performance. The missile system is characterized by ease of use and the ability to modernize it, adjusting to the conditions of modern combat. BGM-71 TOW was able to prove itself in many conflicts – from the war in  Vietnam to the fighting in  Syria . US designers have already launched the release of several modifications of the updated version of the TOW 2B .

Rounding out the list is the John Browning  M2 heavy machine gun . The beginning of the creation of M2 was laid during the reign of US President Franklin Roosevelt . However, the Browning Machine Gun  still shows impressive abilities. Its updated version M2A1 , which entered service in  2010 , has a quick-change barrel with a flash suppressor, a 12.7 mm caliber and a rate of fire from  635 to  1200 rounds per minute, depending on the version. In the US Army M2A1used not only as a regular machine gun of the Ground Forces. It has successfully established itself as a weapon suitable for sniper or anti-aircraft fire.

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