50 Leopard 2 tanks battle 1800 Russian tanks! The ferocious coming, Putin’s gamble finally paid off. 

50 Leopard 2 tanks battle 1800 Russian tanks!

According to reports, although the West promised to assist Ukraine with 321 tanks, by the end of April, only 50 Leopard 2 tanks could reach Ukraine. According to reports, at least 47 and at most 62 Leopard 2 tanks can arrive in Ukraine in April.

Why is the West so slow in transferring tanks? BAE Systems, the British Challenger 2 tank manufacturer, announced on May 3, 2009, that it would stop developing and selling subsequent models and close the tank production line. France closed the Leclerc tank production line in 2008.

The German Leopard 2 tank production line is in a state of shutdown, and the American M1 series tank production line has been discontinued since 1993, and no new M1A2 tank bodies have been manufactured. Alabama’s M1 tank dismantling and refurbishment plant mainly works to dismantle tanks.

In fact, Europe and the United States simply do not have the ability to manufacture tanks on a large scale or even to renovate tanks on a large scale. You can only beat it by hand and slowly refurbish the tank for the Ukrainian army. 

Looking at this speed, it is the ability to renovate 15-20 tanks a month. Among the US allies, only one country is still operating tank production lines across the board, South Korea.

n the case that the Russian army has assembled 1,800 tanks, we will see the battle of 50 Leopard 2 tanks against 1,800 Russian tanks.

The ferocious coming, Putin’s gamble finally paid off

From August 2022, Russia will successively acquire equipment, expand its army, and train and mobilize its troops. In order to win Ukraine, Putin even gambled directly on military mobilization. Now that an army of 500,000 has been regrouped, determining the outcome will be a fierce battle.

 If the Russian army’s spring counterattack succeeds, the victory will basically be established. If it fails, the Russian army must retreat.

Now there is only one way for the Russian army to win. Russia can only desperately eat Ukraine and Belarus, then drag its scarred body back to hibernate and slowly recover blood, waiting for the next geopolitical upheaval.

Russia, Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus are the roots of the Slavs. Once Ukraine is completely invested in the West, the Slavic nation’s foundation will no longer exist.

The reason why the world is afraid of Russia is nothing more than three factors:

  • The remaining prestige of the Soviet Union
  • A large number of nuclear weapons
  • The spirit of desperate Saburo

Therefore, Putin must Ukraine and would rather confront the Western bloc and continue fighting even if he moves out of nuclear weapons.

The war has been going on for a year, and Russia is going to go through a final battle with all its strength to capture the entire four referendum states. It’s time to think about how to end the war. In the next few years, as long as Russia can withstand the blockade and sanctions of the West.

As long as Russia can keep its vast territory from Europe to the Far East, there will always be a day for a comeback. After the situation stabilizes, Putin must choose a successor, which is more important than anything else.

There are still 20 days left, and the Russian army only has the last opportunity to attack

After reorganization, the Russian army suffered heavy losses from the 144th Guards Motorized Infantry Division, the 2nd Guards Motorized Infantry Division, the 3rd Motorized Infantry Division, the 4th Guards Tank Division, the 47th Guards Tank Division, and the 4th Guards Tank Division. The 90th Division and the 18th Motorized Infantry Division have basically recovered their combat effectiveness and have replenished their equipment and recruits.

In the direction of Luhansk, the Russian army assembled ten divisions, and the breakthrough area was only about 55 kilometers. This is a very narrow breakthrough area. On February 24 last year, the Russian army’s assault range of the same force reached more than 600 kilometers. 

This time, the Russian army is determined to concentrate its forces and attack with all its strength to open a decisive breakthrough and carry out a large wave of deep assaults.

The Russian army is about to carry out a rapid assault on armored clusters. However, the tank cluster advanced tens of kilometers, and the supply pressure increased geometrically. 

The demand for supplies will only increase due to fierce frontline battles. As the supply line lengthens, the increase in line-filling troops protecting the supply line will also increase consumable materials.

Even without considering the broken roads and muddy fields in Ukraine. A tank of the Russian army needs hundreds of liters of fuel to advance hundreds of kilometers. For the Russian army to successfully conduct deep armored assaults, it must have logistical support capabilities.

Strelkov said that at the same time, in the direction of Bakhmut, the Russian army was progressing smoothly in the north, but it was very difficult to fight in the south, and it was impossible to capture Bakhmut in February. In the direction of Marinka, Vleda and Avadivka, the Russian offensive has fallen into positional warfare, and the attack has been weak.

On the battlefield, the Russian army’s large-scale offensive will soon begin. Because in another 20 days, the muddy spring period in the Donbas is coming, and it will be too late if a large-scale offensive is not launched.

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