Japan dispatched the “Izumo” to keep an eye on China’s Liaoning ship!

According to the Reports, The Chinese Navy’s Liaoning Ship carried out a ship-borne operation in the Pacific Ocean. Fighter planes and helicopters take off and land. The “Izumo” frigate was dispatched by the Ministry of Defense to collect intelligence and conduct surveillance, according to the report.

                         The “Izumo” frigate

The Liaoning ship, four guided-missile destroyers, and one rapid combat support ship, a total of six ships, sailed in the Pacific Ocean at 9 a.m. on the 6th, according to the Japanese Ministry of Defense. The photograph of the fighter taking off from the ship’s bow ski-jump deck may be seen in photos supplied by the Ministry of Defense.

                         The Liaoning ship

The Liaoning ship, according to the report, has taken off and landed carrier-based aircraft in the Pacific Ocean for four days in a row, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., travelling from east to west toward Taiwan.

According to the article, China’s frequent aircraft carrier training could be a demonstration of its capacity to manipulate tight relations between the US and Japan. To collect and monitor intelligence, the Ministry of Defense dispatched the Maritime Self-Defense Force helicopter frigate “Izumo,” which is encouraging the transformation of aircraft carriers.

The official Weibo of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy (@People’s Navy) said on May 3 that, according to the introduction of the Navy’s spokesman, Colonel Gao Xiucheng, the Chinese Navy organized the Liaoning aircraft carrier formation to conduct actual combat training in the western Pacific waters. It is a routine training organized by the Navy according to the annual work plan, aiming at improving the ability to perform the mission, in line with relevant international law and international practice, and not targeting any party.

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