The NATO army is ready to cross the red line!

The NATO army is on its way, and the time has come to cross the red line! Russia will be powerless to strike back if it is banned at home? Don’t worry, Putin has his back, and as long as the gun rings exist, the US is doomed!

NATO troops likewise appear to have followed the “no troops” guideline during this phase of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. However, during the following few months, the NATO force will make major moves in several locations. What exactly is going on? Is NATO gearing up for the ultimate showdown?

According to comprehensive reports from many foreign media, in the next few weeks, NATO will hold a series of large-scale military exercises in many parts of Europe. Although it seems that the action that NATO will carry out seems to be just a military exercise, there are still two major doubts. One is the location of the military exercise. It is reported that NATO will hold military exercises in Finland, Poland, North Macedonia, and other places one after another.


Finland, for example, demands special care. The announcement that Finland and Sweden intend to apply to join NATO has created quite a stir recently. Geographically, Finland shares a huge border with Russia, which makes Finland’s membership in NATO impossible.

To some extent, Finland’s membership in NATO is analogous to Russia’s red line being crossed. NATO has been constricting Russia’s living space geographically in recent years. The current confrontation between Russia and Ukraine will erupt, owing to NATO’s eastward expansion. Russia recognized the serious threat and decided to respond with a military strike.

And Finland’s admission to NATO poses a significant danger to Russia. NATO missiles might be deployed to Russia’s doorstep at any time and from any location. Finland was picked as one of the places for the NATO special military exercise, and its ominous motives can be envisioned. However, that may not be the scariest location yet.

This leads to the military exercise’s second point of contention: the time of the military exercise. The military drill takes place during a period of high tension in Europe, as well as Finland’s bid to join NATO. Multiple official sources told that the deadline for the Finnish government’s application to join NATO has been established, and it will happen soon. In other words, the time has come for NATO to cross the Russian red line.

Why is the large-scale NATO military exercise arranged at this time? It can be concluded that the NATO army intends to use military exercises to block the door of Russia and clear obstacles for Finland to join NATO. It is expected that Russia will fight back. If NATO seizes Russia’s strategic road ahead of time, it is equivalent to turning its guns on Russia in advance. By then, Russia seems to be forced to accept Finland’s membership in NATO.

Does Putin have no way out of the game? Don’t worry, Putin has been left behind. The U.S. Indo-Pacific Command said in a statement that the U.S. military is tracking a Russian spy ship operating near Hawaii. At this time, it seems very unreasonable for Russia to spread its forces around the United States.

But, if you think about it, this could be the key to Putin’s success. Russia appears to have little chance of victory against the menacing NATO force. However, if Putin goes around the back of the US and plants a “time bomb” around it, the result will be completely different. When the US threatens Russia’s homeland security in Europe, Russia will undoubtedly launch a counter-offensive to eliminate the US.

So, from this perspective, the Russian reconnaissance ship appeared near Hawaii, and the situation is most likely not as easy as that. Once the US pulls the trigger in Europe, it’ll almost certainly be game over for the US domestically.

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