Russia and Ukraine exchanged “severe losses”, Zelensky established new terms!

In the confrontation at the Azov Steel Plant in Mariupol, the Russian army had a big advantage. The civilians(nearly 500 people) who were used as human shields were evacuated. The Russian Deputy Prime Minister even arrived in Mariupol for a local reconstruction assessment, and city workers replaced Ukrainian road signs near Mariupol with Russian road signs.

In light of this, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has warned that if the Ukrainian defenders of Mariupol are murdered, discussions with Russia may be halted. Ukraine’s negotiation tone has shifted from hardline to negotiating to adamantly refusing to discuss moving peace talks further. In order for Kyiv to contemplate adopting a ceasefire, Zelensky set conditions for the peace negotiations, including the restoration of pre-Russian “invasion” borders, the return of more than 5 million refugees, membership in the European Union, and holding Russian military leaders accountable.

The Ukrainian media and the Ukrainian Armed Forces Southern Combat Command’s public opinion propaganda reported that during the combat on Snake Island, the Ukrainian “Banner-TB2” drone struck and killed the Russian troops, which is why Ukraine still has such confidence. 4 Russian landing ships were destroyed or damaged with 46 troops, and the Russian army suffered significant losses.

The Russian Ministry of Defense’s spokesman, Konashenkov, enumerated and announced that the Ukrainian army in the Snake Island area had 1 Su-24 bomber, 1 Su-27 fighter, 3 Mi-8 helicopters carrying landing troops, 2 “Flag-Bearer-TB2”, also including the destruction of the Ukrainian “Stanislav” landing assault boat, as well as the cities of Arziz, Odessa, and Voznesen Huge losses, such as the military airport in Ukraine.

Rashomon reappears, each holding their own sentences.

It is hard to know the facts, but the war and confrontation will undoubtedly continue, and US first lady Jill Biden flew to Ukraine at this vital point. Jill went as a representative because Biden could not or would not go. The first lady of the United States went to Ukraine purpose has created another wave of suspicion due to the delicate timing, the rare move of the current president’s spouse to join an “active war zone,” and some rumors of a “small Biden” mixed in with the “big fish” in the steel mill.

After all, Russian media have reported that the Ukrainian biological laboratory is closely related to the Biden family, and it just so happens that waves of Western politicians have visited Russia and Ukraine one after the other. Senior officers from European and American countries were found in the steel mill, according to the evacuated citizens.

Jill Biden, speaking as a spokesperson, stated again that “the people of the United States stand with the people of Ukraine.” Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, also paid a visit to Ukraine to deliver military help. He will offer Ukrainian drone cameras, satellite images, small guns, ammo, and other items, as well as declare the embassy’s reopening.

Even if peace talks are called, the words and deeds of the Ukrainian side show no signs of peace talks but continue to add fuel to the fire.

“Wali,” a Canadian mercenary who returned to Canada as “Spy God” and code-named “Wally,” recalled his “impulse” and pointed to his two-month perplexing experience in Ukraine: not only did he not officially shoot at the Russian army, but he also looked for weapons and food everywhere during his service in the Ukrainian army. On the battlefield, foreign mercenaries like him were unwelcome, and their guns and equipment were woefully inadequate.

While attempting to flee the Azov Machinery Plant, Ukrainian Marine Corps 36th Brigade Commander Baranyuk and Brigade Chief of Staff Colonel Kolmenkov were apprehended. They had requested that Kyiv negotiate with Russia in order to change its fate. They felt duped when Kyiv promised aid but failed to deliver. According to local Ukrainian media, Ukraine’s “top pilot” was murdered.

Zelensky was not embarrassed to be one of the “consumables” targeted by the US. Instead, he was ecstatic. He encouraged NATO to send Western contemporary armaments instead of Soviet weapons, and he invited an Irish rock band to do a benefit performance to help out.




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