The EU is fanning the flames in China, senior Russian officials are fuming!

The present fight has lasted more than two months. Almost all financial penalties have been employed by the US and the West, including a “financial nuclear bomb” to destabilize the SWIF international settlement system. They expected that Russia would fall short, but based on current outcomes, Russia has not only not collapsed but has become even more tenacious than before.

According to recent reports, Russia’s income has doubled as a result of the continuous tightening of Western sanctions. The already high worldwide energy prices have risen during the two months that the US and the West have been tampering with, and Russia has sold fewer fossil fuels, but its income has increased. Russia’s “Ruble Settlement Order” is even more remarkable, causing the ruble exchange rate to reach a new high in two years, even higher than before the conflict. The sanctions against Russia are so “miserable” that counting the money gives me spasms.

Furthermore, Russia has assassinated two countries, Poland and Bulgaria, to demonstrate to Europe that Russia is willing to “murder its breath.” The so-called Russian energy embargo is not a bargaining chip for Europe; it is Russia that is controlling the flow of energy. Although Europe is planning to restrict Russian electricity, most Europeans are covertly buying it. The EU went along with the US in sanctioning Russia, but ended up “hemorrhaging.” The current EU is caught in a bind. They don’t want to insult the US and enrage Putin, so they chose to target China instead.

Recently, British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson suggested that NATO should become a worldwide alliance to deal with global dangers, such as “assisting Taiwan in defending against mainland intrusion.” She also admonished China to follow the rules. China will not be able to continue to rise if it does not follow Western laws, as it needs to trade with the G7, which accounts for half of the world economy.

NATO’s “Asia-Pacificization” is beginning to take shape. NATO has already stated that it will “mainly evaluate China’s influence.” NATO is also planning to ask Japan to attend the summit, which might serve as a spark for NATO’s “Asia-Pacificization.” The EU is also attempting to accommodate the US. The United States has dealt with China through the four-nation dialogue system and AUKUS, but only a few countries come and go.

The West has recently utilized the current crisis to speak severely to China, requesting that we line up and teaching us how to do things. Even Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Morgulov couldn’t take it any longer, blaming the Westerners while oblivious to the fact that he was speaking with one of the world’s great nations. This sentence is correct. We’ve always advocated for peaceful growth and haven’t taken a stand in many years. However, you can’t make peace if you seek peace in the existing environment.

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