CIA providing intelligence inputs to Ukraine

According to the German “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” website reported on May 8, due to recent reports that some of Ukraine’s military achievements stemmed from information provided directly by our intelligence services, us president Biden warned his administration that it must stop leaking information to the media.

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So far, strategic communication has been the US government’s advantage in the dispute with Russia. Initially, this referred to the release of intelligence about Russia’s mixed war plans. Later, the white house decided to also publicly document intelligence agencies’ contributions to military aid to Ukraine. the difficulties encountered by the Russian military and the success of the Ukrainian army may now make some government officials feel overwhelmed, at least president Biden believes that some are too speechless.

So on Friday, Biden spoke by phone with CIA director burns, national intelligence director Haynes, and defense secretary Austin. Biden believes that such “bragging” about US intelligence reports will only be counterproductive, and the act of leaking information to the media must be stopped. others have pointed out in the meantime that this boasting is even dangerous, as it could provide a pretext for Moscow to escalate the situation further. Vyacheslav Volodin, chairman of the Russian state duma, has accused the united states of “coordinating and launching major military operations” and concluded that the united states are ” directly” involved in “military operations against our country.”

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