“NATO officer special pistol seized!”

It may be difficult for Russian experts and their fans to understand why the Ukrainian defenders will stick to Mariupol. After all, except for the Azov Steel Plant, the city and port areas of Mariupol have been occupied by Russian troops. The only reason they can think of is that Kyiv forbids the surrender of the defenders, or that some important person in the Azov Steel Plant does not allow the defenders to surrender, which is probably the origin of Mariupol’s “big fish”. The claims of the Mariupol defenders to attract and consume Russian troops, relieve pressure on other fronts, and hold on to Ukrainian territory have been ignored intentionally or unintentionally.

Russian analysts and supporters may find it difficult to comprehend why the Ukrainian troops will remain in Mariupol. After all, Russian troops have taken Mariupol’s city and port sectors, with the exception of the Azov Steel Plant. The only explanation they have is that Kyiv bans the troops from surrendering, or that some high-ranking official at the Azov Steel Plant refuses to allow the defenders to offer, which is most likely the source of Mariupol’s “big fish.” The Mariupol defenders’ claims of attracting and consuming Russian troops, relieving pressure on other fronts, and retaining Ukrainian territory have been ignored, whether intentionally or accidentally.

Given the Chechen forces’ performance in Ukraine’s “special military operation,” including their desire to capture videos and transmit live broadcasts in order to become Internet celebrities and serve as a supervising team, they refused to deploy to the front lines, and losses were low. Furthermore, Ramzan Kadro, the President of Chechnya, The husband’s big mouth has produced a slew of bogus news, and serious analysts are doubtful of the notion that Chechen troops had grabbed NATO’s “big fish” alive. After all, no one knows why a NATO general would show up in a city with little strategic significance. After the “special military operation” broke out, why not flee in a helicopter?

The latest news is that a war reporter claimed to have found a pocket handgun in the Azov Steel Plant’s basement, claimed that only top NATO officers would use it, and therefore deduced that the Azov Steel Plant must have NATO “large guns.”The reporter did not explain why the NATO “big fish” discarded the pocket pistol that only senior officers are allowed to carry. Still, a group of idlers speculated that either the NATO “big fish” was too hasty when fleeing, it was too late to take away his own gun, or the NATO “big fish” has been buried in the corner of the Azov steel plant, and the gun is his “relic.”

Indeed, netizens with a smidgeon of military common sense will sneer at the war reporter’s assertion for no other reason. Browning FN1906 is the “pistol for elite NATO officers.” It is clear from its serial number that its Has a lengthy history, “top NATO officers” utilized a weapon created and built around the turn of the century instead of the army’s contemporary battle pistol. Is it a disease? And internet users have confirmed that this weapon is not a genuine Browning FN1906, but rather a 6.35mm UNIQUE pistol from a French cottage that was decommissioned in 1939. Is the rifle co-authored by Mariupol NATO “Big Fish” such a knockoff?

At present, NATO officers generally use combat pistols that fire 9mm Bala Bloom pistols. The guns of senior officers are smaller than those of junior officers, but they are limited and still belong to the category of combat pistols, such as the M17 which the US military is changing. Among the /18 pistols, the more compact M18 pistol is specially issued to middle and senior officers, and the full-sized M17 is issued to junior officers and soldiers.

FN1906 Pocket Pistol - MJL Militaria

The Browning FN1906 (which is believed to be genuine) possessed by a war correspondent is one of the first pocket pistols. This pistol was not intended for military or police usage, but rather for self-defense. It was highly popular back then. Because of its smaller size, the FN1906 is popular with the upper class, but many killers prefer it as well. The FN1906 uses 6.3515.5mm semi-bottom rim automatic handguns (0.25 inch ACP), has a 6-round magazine, a 30-meter effective range, and an average use distance of fewer than 5 meters. A somewhat further target is too difficult to strike with the championship pistol.

Millions of FN1906 were produced before and after, but unless purchased by themselves, almost no country uses it as a military pistol. Will the NATO “big fish” use such an antique small pistol? Not to mention fighting, it’s hard to say whether it can be effective in self-defense, and if you take it out in public, you won’t be afraid of being laughed at by a group of rough soldiers around you as a sissy?

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