Ukraine asserts Putin has cancer, and a coup attempt has begun?

Major General Kyrylo Budanov of Ukraine expressed optimism that the war will be concluded by the end of the year. That was one of the most direct conversations with the high-ranking officer since the Russian invasion began in late February.

His foresight didn’t stop there. General Budanov predicted that the war would reach a tipping point in late July. He is optimistic that Ukraine will be able to halt Russian advances and reclaim land lost during the original Russian invasion and the 2014 invasion. He stated that Ukraine would reclaim control of the Donbas and Crimea.

Budanov also indicated in his candid interview with Sky News in the United Kingdom that Russian President Vladimir Putin is sick with cancer and mental disorders, and that a coup is already underway to remove him from power.

Vladimir Putin seriously ill, Russia headed for a coup?
Putin is gravely ill; is Russia on the verge of a coup?

He spoke in an upbeat tone about the war’s progress during the conversation. President Volodymyr Zelensky echoed the General’s optimism, telling the press that Ukrainian forces had retaken 1,000 cities and small villages from the Russians in the counteroffensive to push them back.

In his interview, Budanov predicted the current war and its outcome, “The breaking point will be in the second half of August.” “By the end of this year, most of the active combat engagements will have ended,” he added, dismissing Russian military might as a “fiction.”

“As a result, we will re-establish Ukrainian power in all of our lost regions, including Donbas and Crimea. Russia is viewed as a major threat in Europe. He went on to say, They are terrified of its hostility. We’ve been fighting Russia for eight years, and we can declare that the Russian force that has been widely promoted is a fantasy. It’s not as strong as this. It’s a mob of people with weapons.” Budanov concluded.

The British Defense Ministry said Russia lost “significant armored maneuver elements” of at least one battalion tactical group in the recent setback, in which a Russian battalion suffered heavy casualties in three attempts to forge a river crossing with pontoon bridges across the Siversky Donets River.

Budanov said of the river attack,  “I have confirmed, that they suffered heavy losses in manpower and armor, and I can say that when the artillery strikes happened, many of the crews abandoned their equipment.”

Budanov is a younger (36) but possibly more capable general in Ukraine. His role as the military’s intelligence head is to acquire, evaluate, and report the most accurate, all-source intelligence to the Ministry of Defense so that they can make prompt judgments. He had intelligence support from the West, mainly the United States and the United Kingdom, but he was dead right in predicting when the Russians would invade, even though the government officially doubted it.

For years, there have been rumors concerning Putin’s health. However, during his interview with Sky News yesterday, General Budanov said that Putin is “extremely sick with blood cancer,” according to an anonymous Russian tycoon.

To hide his identity, an unknown Russian tycoon with deep links to the Kremlin was referred to simply as ‘Yuri.’ He said that Putin’s blood cancer is to blame for many of his health problems.

Budanov also claimed that Putin, 69, is in an “extremely severe psychological state,” but it is unclear whether this is true or merely a Ukrainian misinformation campaign. However, he went on to say that Putin’s errors would lead to the overthrow of his autocratic rule and that a coup is already underway.

“It will eventually result in a change of Russian Federation leadership.” This process has already begun, and they are progressing in that direction.”

“They’re marching in this direction, and there’s no stopping them.”



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