Afghanistan crisis: Taliban ‘successfully’ win big, UN warns of disaster, Kabul threatens Pakistan

The province’s city of Zaranj has fallen to the Taliban, becoming the first provincial capital that the insurgent group has captured as it ramps up its offensive, police in the southwestern province of Nimroz said on August 6.

A spokesman for the Nimroz provincial police said the Taliban were able to capture the city because of a lack of government reinforcements.

In recent months, Taliban insurgents have captured dozens of districts and border crossings, putting pressure on a number of provincial capitals, including Herat in the west and Kandahar in the south, amid a military stand Foreign withdrawal from Afghanistan.

On the same day, the head of the United Nations Support Mission (UN) in Afghanistan Deborah Lyons warned that the war-torn South Asian country was facing “disaster”.

Speaking online from Kabul in front of the 15 members of the UN Security Council, Lyons said: “The Security Council needs to make a clear statement that the Taliban must immediately stop their attacks on many cities. city”.

Meanwhile, Afghanistan’s Ambassador to the UN Ghulam Isaczai said that if the UN Security Council wants evidence, documents showing that Pakistan is providing supply chains to the Taliban, Afghanistan is ready to submit it.

Mr. Isaczai added that the Afghan government has been in regular contact with the Islamabad government and also provided them with the above-mentioned evidence.

Meanwhile, on August 5, Pakistan’s National Security Adviser Moeed Yusuf stated he was disappointed by the Afghan accusations.

In another development on the same day, the Taliban closed a key border crossing with Pakistan and said no one would be allowed to pass through until Islamabad waives or relaxes visa requirements for Afghans.

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