After J-10, Pakistan could buy Z-10 attack helicopter from China

In the first week of 2022 Pakistan cancel the acquisition of 30 T129 ATAK attack helicopters it ordered in 2018 and instead negotiates with China for the purchase of the Z-10ME.

From the most stringent tests to the sudden cancellation of orders, this is normal for countries to purchase military equipment. Some time ago, Australia cancelled the French submarine order and re-signed an agreement with the United States and the UK. Similar things have actually happened between China and Pakistan.

In the beginning, after many investigations, Pakistan finally made a decision in 2018 to spend US$1.5 billion to purchase 30 Turkish-made T129 helicopters. As we know, China had provided three Z-10s to the Pakistani military and had already delivered them to their combat units. Even these three Z-10s appeared at Pakistan’s military parade. Just when many people thought that Pakistan would definitely finalize a contract with China on the Z-10 attack helicopter, the Pakistani military chose the T129.

The reason Pakistan didn’t buy the Chinese attack helicopter even its cheaper than T129 is because of Chine products unreliability and cheap build quality. Pakistan is truly aware of Chinese-made products that’s why pakis never consider using Chinese engines on their JF-17  However, after winning the J-10 some time ago, Pakistan figured it out and found in the attack helicopter segment no one can help except China

T129 ATAK attack helicopter
T129 ATAK attack helicopter


Regarding whether Pakistan will buy the Z-10, at the beginning of this month, this question finally got an answer. According to Turkish media sources, the public relations department of the Pakistani armed forces confirmed that Pakistan is seeking to buy the Chinese Z-10 and has given up the Turkish T-129. It is understood that the reason why Pakistan give up the T-129 and choose the Z-10. Chinese Z-10 is last hope for Pakistan.


Four years ago, Turkey actually signed an agreement, saying that it would start delivering helicopters to the Pakistani army in 2020. However, as the relationship between the current Turkish government and the United States deteriorated, the United States imposed severe sanctions on Turkey’s military industry on the grounds that the Turkish military purchased Russian-made arms. First, Turkey’s purchase of the F-35 was stopped, and secondly, all technical licenses and sales and purchase licenses of the Turkish defense sector were also cancelled.

At the same time, Turkey’s defense industry and defense industry have also been severely punished, including the freezing of the property of senior managers of the Turkish army and legal representatives of companies, and other similar measures. After this series of actions, Turkey’s defense industry and all U.S. projects have been hit as never before, especially in the military plan, the United States will no longer provide Turkey with important parts, although T129 is from Italian companies, but the T-129 use an American-made turboshaft engine and also lots of components from US, Canada and Europe.


In short, Pakistan only thought of the Z-10 after being co-operated by the United States and Turkey. Of course, China is not dissatisfied with this. As long as it can change its mind, China welcomes it. Moreover, China will definitely conquer Pakistan with cheap prices as well as cheap quality.

For a long time in the past, the biggest problem of China’s domestic aviation equipment was the power system and electronic equipment, and still in this sector china’s progress is not very satisfactory. Now only time will say either Pakistan will buy China Z-10 or not for its armed force.

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