After nearly one year of refit Indian Navy sole aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya ready for action

On 21 June several pictures were posted by users on social media of personnel and crew performing yoga to celebrate the 8th International Day of Yoga, onboard INS Vikramaditya in Karwar, Karnataka.

INS Vikramaditya, the sole and largest warship operated by India and the third aircraft carrier inducted into the Indian Navy, is in the process of getting ready to go back to sea as she completed her “refit works” and trials at Cochin Shipyard Limited here.

It should be noted that its nearly take one year to refit INS Vikramaditya. However, currently, there are no detailed info on what was upgraded and work done by CSL on INS Vikramaditya to increase the performance and capabilities of Vikramaditya.

By looking at the pictures recently posted by users the carrier’s hull got treated and painted, work on shafts – the carrier has four of them. In floating condition, a diver goes down and measures the health of the shafts with some gauges, but they are fully checked when dry-docked.

Earlier in 2018  Indian Navy spent ₹705 crore at the Cochin shipyard to refit this carrier and the ship was off for 5 month. Next month India going to gets its second and first homemade aircraft carrier INS Vikrant. However Navy still didn’t decided which deck based fighter aircraft will be use in new aircraft carrier.  Right now Indian Navy is evaluating between French Rafale-M and US F/A-18 super hornet.

About Vikramaditya

INS Vikramaditya is a flagship of the Indian Navy, in service from 2013. It was originally a Russian Kiev-Class ship before being modified into a full-fledged aircraft carrier after its purchase by India. She was commissioned on 16 November 2013.

INS Vikramaditya carrier can launch up to 30 aircraft and helicopters, while the available options consist of MiG-29KU and MiG-29KUB fighters, Sea Harrier attack aircraft, and helicopters like the Ka-31.

INS Vikramaditya is equipped with 234 new hull sections constructed using 2,500t of steel. It has an overall length of 284m, a maximum beam of 60m, the height of approximately 60m and a displacement of 44,500t.

The warship has 22 decks and 2,500 compartments, of which 1,750 were completely re-built. It can carry more than 1,600 personnel, including crew. Sponsons are installed to increase the breadth at the flight deck.

INS Vikramaditya is equipped with four AK-630 CIWS roles and for long range defence it is equipped with BARAK-8 air defence system. It has a range of 25,000 km

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