After Russian Su-34 was shot down by its own air defense system, Russia has now lost another Su-35

After being shot down by its air defense system of a Su-34 fighter-bomber, the Russian Aerospace Forces lost another Su-35 fighter in the Nova Kakhovka area shot down by Ukrainian air defence.

The Ukrainian Air Force Command claimed that the Su-35 fighter jet was shot down by the 3rd Air Defense Regiment of the Ukrainian Air Force at around 20:00 local time on the 19th. The pilot died on the spot. At that time, the Su-35 fighter jet was trying to attack the Su-25 attack of the Ukrainian Air Force. Machine. However, some Russian sources claimed that the Su-35 was shot down by Russian air defense forces again. Still, the Russian Ministry of Defense has not officially confirmed this news.

It is worth noting that some analysts speculated that the Su-35 was likely shot down by the Norwegian-made NASAMS air defense system, which used the Raytheon-made AIM-120 active radar-guided medium-range air-to-air missile. The Pentagon confirmed on July 1 that two NASAMS air defense systems were included in Ukraine’s latest batch of military aid. Perhaps these air defense systems have been delivered to the Ukrainian Air Force. Still, the United States or Ukraine has not officially confirmed this speculation.

The Su-35 is one of the most advanced fighter jets invested by the Russian Aerospace Forces in the ongoing war, second only to the Su-57. However, there is no definite evidence that the Su-57 participated in the war, and the Su-35 has been shot down many times. In addition to the air defense force, the Ukrainian Air Force’s MiG-29 fighter jets also shot down the Su-35. Still, the Ukrainian Air Force also stated that the MiG-29 used a sneak attack tactic to shoot down the Su-35 from behind.

As one of the most advanced fighter jets of the Russian Aerospace Forces, the Su-35 caused a lot of trouble for the Ukrainian Air Force during the ongoing war Fighter pilots of the Ukrainian Air Force admitted that the Su-35 fighter jets launched the R-77 active medium range. The bomb threat is excellent, and the Ukrainian Air Force has no similar missiles, only the backward R-27 semi-active medium-range bomb. In addition, the Su-35 often hangs on the KH-31P series of anti-radiation missiles during missions, posing no minor threat to the Ukrainian air defense system.

The Russian Aerospace Forces used the Su-35 as an air superiority fighter, not only trying to let the Su-35 sweep the Ukrainian Air Force’s fighter jets but also using the Su-35 to clear the Ukrainian air defense system on the front line. It’s just that the systemic problems of the Russian Aerospace Forces have led to the fact that the performance of the Su-35 fighter has not been fully utilized. So far, not to mention the sky over Ukraine, even the frontline air supremacy has not been obtained. NATO intelligence and equipment support The Ukrainian Air Force is still very active, constantly intercepting Russian fighter jets and launching ground attacks.

In addition, whether or not the Russian army accidentally hit the Su-35 fighter, the Su-34 was accidentally hit, which has previously revealed numerous issues with the Russian fighter plane’s situational awareness. It probably has no idea that the air defense system has locked it. In actual warfare, this is very risky.

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