America bought Israel air defence system to counter Russian missile

According to the US press, the Iron Dome complexes purchased from Israel provide almost 100% protection when facing Russia’s Avangard supersonic missile.

The recent purchase of Israel’s “Iron Dome” air defense missile system by analysts may be due to the American’s intention to ensure the missile system’s ability to destroy warheads. “Avangard” supersonic made by Russia.

It is known that the Israeli Iron Dome air defense systems acquired by the US have been put on alert, while according to preliminary data, we are talking about three launchers consisting of 20 missiles, each according to the statement. the Department of Defense’s previous father, which allows for an almost certain destruction of the supersonic weapon Avangard.

“The Iron Dome complex with 3 interconnected launchers is expected to launch 60 interceptor missiles in a short time, creating a closed ‘iron curtain’ to pick up enemy supersonic warheads and shoot lower them, “the statement said.

However, according to Russian media, despite the assertion of many American experts that by such measures Washington will protect itself from the Russian “super missile”, Avia-pro analysts pay attention to an important fact.

According to the announcement, the maximum target kill altitude of the Iron Dome air defense system (according to official data) is 10 km – this distance can be crossed by the supersonic combat maneuver unit in just one second, this almost guarantees the annihilation of the target with an enormous inertial force.

Moreover, the intercepting object of the Tamir missile equipped for the Iron Dome complex through real battle is mainly mortar or rockets of the enemy with low speed and very predictable trajectory, while Avangard has a higher speed. dozens of times and couldn’t even predict its flight path.

With the above fact, even with all 60 Tamir interceptor missiles launched, the probability for the Iron Dome combination to successfully intercept the Avangard warhead will be almost zero, Russian analysts concluded.

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