America revealed the most powerful fighter jet

The criteria for naming the strongest fighter given by the US military are not based on stealth but on manoeuvrability, number of weapons and the ability to complete the task. In this regard, both the most powerful fighter jet F-22 and the F-35 are far behind the F-15EX.

To gain a foothold in the US Air Force, specially designed F-15EX fighters can carry a total of 24 missiles of all kinds. This number is 3 times more than the F-35 and twice as much as Russia’s most powerful 4 ++ generation fighter, the Su-35.

In addition to the firepower system, the use of the  F110 GE 132 for the F-15EX was determined by this engine alone, the F-15EX has significantly more thrust than the Russian Su-35 and surpasses the F-35. and current US F-22.To possess such impressive firepower, F-15EX Strike Eagle had to upgrade a lot compared to the original. The weapon hanger is designed extremely strangely in a split style.

most powerful fighter jet F-15EX

most powerful fighter jet
F-15EX fighter made its maiden flight.

The F110 GE engine has a thrust of 154.5kN compared with 142kN of the AL-41F1S equipped with the Su-35 fighter of the Russian Air Force. With this impressive thrust, can help F-15EX reach a maximum speed up to nearly 3,000km / h.

Along with that, the F-15EX will be applied the latest technology applied on most powerful fighter jet 5th generation fighters such as the weapon compartment in the body and radar-absorbent coating for light stealth.

The F-15EX is also equipped with modern integrated electronic warfare systems that allow the most powerful fighter jet F-15EX to be resistant to new threats. The aircraft is also equipped with a more advanced avionics system, focusing on the latest active electronically scanned array radar (AESA).

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This active radar allows to control and shoot down multiple targets at the same time. Can even attack air and ground targets at the same time. The electronic warfare system on the F-15EX is expected to defeat new anti-aircraft missiles and interact well with other US military sensor systems to maximize survivability.

It is also important that the cost of the F-15EX is very affordable, it will be significantly lower than the figure of about $ 95 million of the F-35A at present and may decrease in the future.

Despite the lack of stealth, but with the advantage of good price, high combat performance will create a boost in the export market of the F-15EX. This promises to be a scary fighter line for opponents.

These are the reasons why the US Air Force (USAF) decided to buy up to 144 F-15EXs in order to coordinate combat with the  most powerful fighter jet F-35A and greatly enhance the USAF’s air attack capability against opponents.

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