American company helping Ukraine to build its own “Iron Dome” defence system

An American technology company will help Ukraine upgrade its air defense systems, after Israel’s determination to keep an arms embargo with Kiev.

According to information published by Sputnik, San Francisco-based technology company JustAnswer is working to help Ukraine upgrade its air defense complexes, creating a missile defense complex “Iron Dome” ” in this country alone.

According to Israeli officials, the Iron Dome, which detects and destroys incoming missiles, has an over 90% success rate. Ukraine’s defense system, meanwhile, intercepts just 20% of Russia’s missiles and rockets, MarketWatch reported.

The company’s CEO JustAnswer said that Ukraine’s technology is now “old and slow”. Speaking to Fox News, the CEO said the use of old and outdated computer systems will seriously affect the missile’s ability to intercept.

The plan to modernize Ukraine’s system, dubbed “Sky Project,” intends to create a mobile, all-weather air defense system designed to intercept and destroy rockets and artillery shells, protecting eight regions of Ukraine, according to California-based JustAnswer. The project is a joint initiative with the Lviv Military Administration and the Ukraine Air Command West, along with other partners, including the Software Association of Japan, itSMF Japan and others.

Owning a modern computer system with faster calculation speed and processor can significantly increase the ability to lock the target, intercept speed and hit the target flying rate.

“We’re helping them upgrade their computer systems and their networking systems and software,” Kurtzig said. Ukraine “can be much faster and much more accurate about attempting to swat down these incoming missiles from Russia.”

The war in Ukraine, nearing four months, has led to 10,094 civilian causalities in the country, with 4,509 killed and 5,585 injured, according to the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. Most of the those were from explosives like missiles or air strikes.

“Part of Russia’s strategy is to bomb all over the place and create fear, uncertainty, and doubt among the Ukrainian people,” Kurtzig added. “We’re trying to swat down that strategy.”

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