American F-35 fighter aircraft will get new super engine

The US F-35 program will significantly increase the power, maneuverability and help this fighter close to the 6th generation aircraft thanks to the new engine system.

The US Department of Defense said that the US engine manufacturer has won more than $ 300 million to build a new generation jet engine system for the US F-35 stealth aircraft program.

“Contractors Pratt and Whitney Engines, East Hartford, Connecticut have been awarded contracts worth over $ 300 million for the manufacture and supply of dozens of F135-PW-100 propulsion systems to the US”, US Department of Defense said.

The contract will have to be completed before the end of December 2022. Representatives Pratt and Whitney Engines declared, the equipment equipped with a new engine to enhance maneuverability and stealth capabilities of the F-35. The project is called GO2 – a continuation project of the GO1 project aimed at improving the combat capabilities of the American armed forces and some allies.

The US will upgrade the F-35 with the new engine.
The US will upgrade the F-35 with the new engine.

If the GO1 project aimed to reduce the fuel consumption of the engine by 5% and increase the traction of the main engine by 10%, then the GO2’s ability would be further enhanced and would be closer to the fighter 6th generation, American contractor confirmed. As planned, the GO2 project will be started in the first quarter of 2021.

The representative of this civil and military aircraft engine manufacturing company affirmed that, with the current technology of Pratt and Whitney Engines, the newly created engine would meet the requirements of the fighter. 6th generation.

According to Defense News, the F-35 maker Lockheed Martin will not change the basic structure of the aircraft. But if the GO1 / GO2 projects are successful, Americans will continue to upgrade the “golden plane” to a 6th generation fighter.

This is really a positive signal for the F-35 project when this project of the US has been repeatedly criticized. US military representative, Patrick Shanahan has repeatedly criticized that, although the F-35 has encountered a series of problems, in fact since 2014, this fighter has not been renewed.

The Air Force even considered canceling orders for 590 F-35s, because the aircraft was too expensive to use and maintain, and it was considered an unsafe aircraft. . In total, the US Air Force identified 966 technical defects and shortcomings of the F-35.

A figure that is particularly troubling for aviation experts. As for Lockheed Martin’s supporters, they find ways to justify this project. For example, they say, developing a new generation fighter requires a lot of trials to perfect them.

They even say that the development of the F-35 is repeating the development of the second-generation F-5 Phantom Fighter, which later became the basis for the development of the third-generation aircraft. and 4. Hence the development of the F-35 has a promising future.

However, some experts believe that if upgrading an aircraft that is not ready to fight in this generation into a fighter of the next generation, its combat ability will be difficult to achieve.

Instead of wanting to create a 6th generation fighter, Americans should focus on perfecting the combat capabilities of the 5th generation fighter. And whether the F-35 is as close to the 6th generation or not is necessary. verification time.

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