American F-35 pilots banned from flying more than 600km to the S-400?

The fifth-generation American F-35 stealth fighter has turned out to be so vulnerable to Russia’s S-400 Triumf air defense missile systems, that the pilot of the fighter was exposed to It is forbidden to fly less than 600 km near the deployment area of ​​the S-400.

Information on this issue was published by Western media, emphasizing that the S-400 had very formidable features, which could threaten US national security.

“There is one important feature of the Russian defense system that is very impressive: apart from its ability to detect and target bombers at a range of 580 km, the system is also effective at similar ranges. against stealth fighters “.

“The Russian S-400 has a 96L6E2 altitude all-round radar. The radar feature is that it can capture up to 100 targets simultaneously, even if the combination is located in mountainous terrain. This radar type detects absolute. all types of aircraft in the air, without exception, including stealth fighters. The S-400 radar complex detects targets at a maximum altitude of 100 km in all directions “, the Bulgarian Military newspaper reported.

My F-35 aircraft is committed to flying more than 600km to the S-400?
The long-range S-400 Triumf air defense system is considered a counterpart of the F-35 Lightning II stealth fighter

Among other things, the Western publication drew attention to the fact that the US Army was banned from flying within the detection area of ​​the Russian air defense system, in connection with the very limited flights of the F-35.

“So Russia will have the technology that not only inflicts great damage on the enemy but also controls the best US development in recent years – the F-35 stealth fighter – a multi-role aircraft, but it no longer works where the S-400 is. One reason for this is the S-400, ”emphasizes the publication.

It should be noted that up to now, US F-35 fighters have practically not appeared on Syrian territory, which may be precisely due to such a sign.

However, it should be reiterated that the US and Russian Defense Ministries did not comment on what was published by the Bulgarian Military newspaper, and in fact the Israeli F-35I is still noted to have carried out many bombing missions within Syrian territory.

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