Another Chinese-made UCAVs shot down in Yemen

The Houthis (Ansar Allah) has just released a video recording the shooting down of a Saudi CH-4 heavyweight UCAV while operating in Yemen.

The shootdown was made on February 12 when the Saudi Air Force’s CH-4 unmanned strike aircraft (UCAV) was reconnaissance and prepared to strike Houthi’s target in Ma’rib province, region. central Yemen.

“The CH-4 was intercepted with a new generation of surface-to-air missile while it was carrying out hostile acts in Yemen airspace,” said General Yahya Sari, a Houthi spokesman.

“In 2020, our forces shot down a total of 3 CH-4s, destroyed more than 10 tanks, armored fighting vehicles. Gained control of 2,500km2 of land from the alliance,” said General Yahya Sari adds.This is the latest achievement Houthi has achieved since the beginning of 2021 in a confrontation with the Saudi coalition led by Saudi Arabia.


According to Southfront, on the CH-4 alone, Saudi Arabia suffered too much damage when trying to attack Houthi’s target and this is the price it must pay when it believes in using cheap Chinese-made drones .

Unlike the US and many other countries, China has not joined the International Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), so it can freely export UAVs and related technologies. American arms corporations want to maintain their technological advantage by selling high-priced products, not selling or transferring technology.

Meanwhile, China is doing the opposite: Selling cheaply, and willing to transfer technology or cooperate in manufacturing UAVs with countries in need. While each US Reaper sells for $ 30 million, China only sells CH-4 for $ 1 million each.

The CH-4 has a range of 3,500km, can carry bombs and missiles, guide these weapons accurately against targets, and can hover for 40 hours continuously above the target’s head.

Ms. Rasha Abdul-Rahim – an arms control consultant said that the fact that China did not sign the ATT made it unnecessary to hesitate when selling weapons. “Any sale of UAVs will be banned when the weapon is found to be used for genocide or crimes against humanity,” Rasha said.

Previously, Iraq announced the widespread use of CH-4 UAVs, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates reportedly used Chinese UAVs during the war in Yemen.

But the exact attack rates of these aircraft were not only underestimated, but also repeatedly identified and mistakenly attacked civilian targets causing great casualties.

Saudi Arabia has been accused of using UAVs by organizations such as Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and the European Parliament, killing Yemeni civilians.

In early 2017 until 2018, some United Nations experts called for an investigation to find evidence because of the allegations of using violence against people in Yemen. Saudi Arabia has denied all charges.

The Chinese-made UAV line is currently in the sights of many customers, with Jordan being Wing-Loong, and Pakistan cooperating with China to build its own UAV, and has successfully tested the type of combat UAV The fight is titled Burraq – export version of the CH-3.

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