Another Russian Mi-28N attack helicopter shot down by Ukraine

Another Russia’s most capable Mi-28N Havoc combat helicopter was shot down in the Kharkiv region.

The wreckage of anotherMi-28 combat helicopter was discovered by local residents about 30 kilometers from the Russian border and 2 kilometers east of Kharkiv. The combat rotorcraft was destroyed by an anti-aircraft missile, apparently a few days ago. At the same time, the damage received by the helicopter probably indicates the fact that a long-range anti-aircraft missile system was used, although this cannot be said unequivocally.

In the photographs presented, you can see the consequences of a helicopter being hit by an anti-aircraft missile system of an unknown type. As a result of a direct missile hit, only the chin of the helicopter survived, while the rest of the rotary-wing combat vehicle was destroyed by the missile explosion and subsequent fire. But somehow turret targeting system TOR, a sensor with FLIR (= Forward Lokking InfraRed, thermal imaging camera) also survived the attack.

It is known that the helicopter was shot down near the village of Elitnoye, Kharkiv region, which is approximately 27-30 kilometers from the Russian-Ukrainian border. The fate of the crew is still unknown, however, the damage received by the helicopter indicates that the latter hardly had time to leave the rotary-winged combat vehicle.

Earlier it was reported that on 12 May, the Air Assault Forces stated that in addition to a Mi-24, an Mi-28 was also shot down in the Luhansk region.

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