Aren’t the onlookers afraid of big things? The United States madly hinted at Ukraine: it is up to you whether to hit Russia or not

The United States has completely exposed its true face of “fighting to the last Ukrainian”. The Ukrainian crisis has fermented so far, and all the United States has done is to fan the flames. The United States has not only sent a large number of military aid to Ukraine but also filled Ukraine with artillery, helicopters, armored vehicles, etc. Weapons, trying to make Ukraine “counterattack”. And recently, the United States has even begun to encourage Ukraine, madly suggesting that Ukraine “fight back against Russia”.


According to the World Wide Web report, US Secretary of State Blinken mentioned the Ukraine crisis in his speech to Congress. He publicly stated that the United States will ensure that Ukraine has something that can “drive away from Russia”. As for whether Ukraine wants to cross the border, that is “another time.” thing”. Blinken then claimed that Ukraine must have the ability to “defend” Russia, but it is up to Ukraine “to decide” how to do it.


Blinken’s statement seems to “echo” the remarks made by British Armed Forces Secretary of State James Hippy. Hippy also recently claimed that Ukraine’s cross-border strike against Russia was “legitimate”, although Johnson later clarified that he did not want to see “war”. Crossing the line”, but Johnson also claimed that “Ukraine has the right to defend itself”. Now Blinken is madly suggesting that Ukraine can “do it on its own”, which is inciting Ukraine to launch a cross-border strike against Russia in the name of self-defense.

AT-4 anti tank weapon


Recently, Russia’s border area close to Ukraine is indeed uneasy. There have been constant attacks. Russia’s oil and military bases have become places prone to “accidents”. In the early hours of April 28, the Belgorod region of Russia also activated its air defense mechanism again. According to local news, late-night explosions occurred in the Belgorod region one after another, and loud noises were heard. The governor of the Belgorod region made a speech. Person Ivan Brezgarin confirmed that the anti-aircraft weapon was in operation, and video photos of the launch of anti-aircraft weapons in the night sky began to appear on the Internet.


Regarding the practice of Western countries instigating Ukraine to counterattack Russia, Russia has made it clear that if such a situation occurs, then even if the advisers of Western countries are in Kyiv, the Russian army will launch high-precision weapons to attack the decision-making center in Kyiv. The Russian Ministry of Defense also recently confirmed that high-precision weapons have been used to attack the arsenal in southeastern Ukraine, and a large number of weapons and ammunition assisted by Western countries in Ukraine have been blown into cannon fodder. Putin has warned, “outside powers” that Russia will strike back at any strategic threat.

Ukraine president


It can be seen that Russia will not sit back and watch Western countries instigate Ukraine. Ukraine has recently swelled and even threatened to launch a “counter-offensive” in July. But there is a gap in strength between Russia and Ukraine. If Ukraine wants to “counterattack”, it has to fight on the real battlefield. In that case, the Ukrainian army is still unable to confront the Russian army. It is even possible that the result of the Ukrainian army’s “counter-offensive” will be Russia’s “demilitarization” of Ukraine.

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