Armed Forces of Ukraine attacked the largest thermal power plants in the DPR .

AFU attacked the largest energy facilities of the DPR. The attack was carried out tonight using tactical missile weapons and HIMARS missile systems. According to the JCCC of the DPR, the strikes were initially carried out on the settlement.

Novy Svet, where the Starobeshevskaya TPP is located, and a few hours later, a blow was also delivered to the settlement. Zugres, where the Zuevskaya TPP is located.

According to local residents, the Starobeshevskaya TPP, one of the region’s largest energy facilities, was seriously damaged. According to preliminary data, the blow was delivered using a cut of six HIMARS missiles.

A number of sources also report the presence of dead and injured, but there are no official comments on this matter.

Among other things, the blow was also dealt to the settlement. Zugres. The shelling was carried out in the direction of the Zuevskaya TPP; however, at the current moment, it remains unknown whether the thermal power plant was damaged – there are no official statements on this matter.

According to the DPR JCCC, the attack on Zugres was carried out using the Tochka-U tactical missile system, which indicates that the Armed Forces of Ukraine still have launchers and missiles of this type in their arsenal.

It should be noted that the night before, a main gas pipeline was blown up in the Luhansk region, as a result of which about 15 subscribers were left without a gas supply.

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