Armenia blames poor Russian weapons for Karabakh loss

In Armenia, they announced that they had lost the war in Karabakh because of Russian weapons.

Against the background of the irrecoverable loss of a significant part of the NKR territory, Armenia decided to blame bad Russian weapons for the defeat of its army. In the opinion of the Armenian public, the Russian air defense systems were completely useless against unmanned aerial vehicles, and the Su-30SM fighters, acquired relatively recently from Russia, did not hit a single target in the conflict, not to mention the fact that Iskander OTRK and failed to cause serious damage to the Azerbaijani army.

Active criticism of Russian weapons is observed in various forums and on social networks, however, this is not done without support from Yerevan, which is obviously trying to justify the lost conflict.

Nevertheless, analysts draw attention to the fact that the reason why the air defense systems could not effectively deal with the drones is, first of all, that the same S-300 complexes worked not only without cover, but in fact, even were not put on alert, which, by the way, is evidenced by previously published video frames. The Osa air defense missile systems, acquired earlier by Armenia, are simply useless against Turkish drones, since the radars are not sensitive to such targets.

“If you bought Yerevan at least one Pantsir-S air defense missile system instead of every two Osa air defense systems, the ranks of Turkish drones would have significantly thinned out. In Armenia, they obviously want to use Soviet weapons, which are already 40-50 years old against modern drones, which are not even identified on the radars of such air defense systems, ”the specialist emphasizes.

As for the Su-30SM fighters, the latter, as well as the Iskander OTRK, were not involved in the conflict at all – the combat aircraft simply did not have rockets for striking ground targets (Armenia did not buy them – ed. ), and because of their high cost in Yerevan they simply did not want to use Iskander.

All this testifies to the fact that Russian weapons could not prove themselves only because they were not used in Armenia.

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