Aside from nuclear weapons, can Japan defeat Russia? German experts say the battle will be over in 2 hours. 

As we all know, after Japan was defeated in World War II, it became the most loyal follower of the United States. Of course, this little brother is not easy to be. Not only has the United States set up 88 military bases in Japan, with more than 30,000 people stationed there, but Japan’s development is still under the control of the United States in every way, and it has no autonomy to some extent.

 However, in recent years, the development trend of Japan has been significantly accelerated. Japan seems to be breaking away from the oppression of the United States and marching toward the ranks of the world’s military powers.

 The first challenge it faces is to resolve the contradictions with neighboring countries, especially the issue of the four northern islands. Almost every prime minister of Japan wants to take back the four northern islands during his term of office, but so far, no results have been achieved. Even if Japan declared that it would seize the island by force, Russia would not give in at all and even directly deployed weapons to the relevant islands to show its determination.

 Russia still maintains the status of the second military power in the world largely due to its huge nuclear arsenal; so many people are curious if there is no nuclear weapon, can Japan defeat Russia now?

The current strength of the two countries can be compared. The total number of Russia’s armed forces is 2.019 million, while the current number of Japan’s Maritime Self-Defense Force is only 255,000, a gap of nearly 8 times. 

In the air force, Japan’s main fighters are F-15, etc., with a total of no more than 500, while Russia has Su-57, Tu-160, and other powerful fighters, and the number exceeds 4,000. Japan’s air force does not have an advantage.

From the perspective of naval strength, Japan currently has 7 quasi-aircraft carriers, all of which have certain combat effectiveness, while Russia now only has aircraft carriers and almost has no combat effectiveness. From this point of view, Japan has a great advantage. However, although Russia does not have an aircraft carrier, its strategic nuclear submarines, hypersonic missiles, and other weapons are the nemesis of aircraft carriers.

 It can be seen from this that Russia is not just a paper tiger supported by a nuclear arsenal. Even without nuclear weapons, Japan would not be able to fight. German military experts said that Russia can end the battle within two hours once a war starts.

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